Weekly Menus

Monday 25th September

Tuna Pasta Bake with Crusty Bread (Yellow Band)

Vegetable Curry with Rice (Blue Band)

Cheese Sandwich with Diced Potatoes (Green Band)


Sweetcorn & Broccoli

Salad Bowl


Chocolate Sponge with Custard

Fresh Fruit Salad


Tuesday 26th September

Beef Pie & Mashed Potatoes (Yellow Band)

Vegetarian Grill in a Bun with Jacket Wedges (Blue Band)

Tuna Sandwich with Jacket Wedges (Green Band)

Ham Sandwich with Jacket Wedges (Red Band)


Roasted Vegetable Medley


Cinnamon & Apple Rice Pudding

Fresh Fruit Salad


Wednesday 27th September

Fish Cake with Potato Wedges (Yellow Band)

Cheese Pizza with Potato Wedges (Blue Band)

Egg Mayonnaise Bap with Potato Wedges (Green Band)


Baked Beans & Peas

Salad Bowl


Winter Berry Slice

Fresh Fruit Salad


Thursday 28th September

Roast Gammon with Yorkshire Pudding, Mash & Roast Potatoes (Yellow Band)

Vegetarian Mince Hot Pot with Yorkshire Pudding, Mash & Roast Potatoes (Blue Band)

Cheese Sandwich with Roast Potatoes (Green Band)


Carrots & Seasonal Cabbage


Oaty Slice with Apple Wedges

Fresh Fruit Salad


Friday 29th September

Chicken Curry & Chips (Yellow Band)

Cheese Pizza & Chips (Blue Band)

Tuna Sandwich  & Chips (Green Band)


Sweetcorn and Peas

Salad Bar


Chocolate Cake

Rice Pudding

Fruit Salad