Year 1 Cannon Hall Farm

This half term Year 1 have been learning all about the farm. We had the great opportunity to visit Cannon Hall farm where we all had a fantastic time.

We were greeted on the day by the farmers who took us on a tour around the farm. We got to see all sorts of animals just like the ones we had been learning about in class. They included, cows, pigs, sheep, horses and even alpacas. The farmers told us lots of information and we answered lots of fun questions. We even got to stroke the rabbits and guinea pigs. They were really soft and gentle.

In the afternoon we went into the milking parlour where Farmer Tom showed us how to milk Martha the cow. We had been learning about where our food comes from in class and it was great to see where milk is originally from. After all that hard work, the animals were feeling hungry, Farmer Tom gave us some food and we fed them. They must have been really hungry because our food disappeared in no time.

After this, we went to visit the sheep who were having a race. We all got a coloured ticket and cheered them on. The fastest red sheep won. It was really exciting to watch them compete.

Then it was time for us to do some running around; we loved playing on all of the play equipment, sliding down the huge slides and climbing the tall towers. We had a fantastic day and loved learning lots of new facts. 

Cannon Hall Farm

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