This half term in Nursery our topics are Pirates and Dinosaurs. Some of our stories involve them in joint adventures whilst others are individual adventures. Our role play area has become a pirate ship where the children are becoming pirates, learning pirate songs, counting their gold coins and treasure as well as walking the plank. We are using non fiction books to help us learn all about dinosaurs, which ones eat meat, which ones eat plants and the different names of all the dinosaurs.  

Emmanuel and Oscar have been helping Miss Harvey to recognise all the dinosaurs and h pronounce their names correctly! We explored how many children it would take to fill a dinosaur footprint.  Our small world tuff tray in our book area was related to the stories of Harry and his Dinosaurs. The children used the buckets, dinosaurs and figures to retell and make up stories and adventures.  

On Wednesday we made Dinosaur Poo cakes which were very tasty despite their name!

Nursery - Pirates & Dinosaurs

Posted by Paul Worsnop on 25 February 2021

Category: Nursery