We have had a 'spider' time in Nursery. We made spider biscuits, our own webs by threading white wool through holes in black card, saved bugs from a spiders web and searched for spiders and their webs in the playground. We loved reading the book 'Aaaargh Spider' about a spider that wanted to be a family pet. 

So far Emmanuel and Nithilaa have brought in their models made from household bits and bobs, we are looking forward to seeing many more models.

Whilst walking in Gotts Park at the weekend, I went in the walled garden which is near the house. It is a wonderful place for children to play, there is a willow walk, a textured path to walk along and a willow shelter plus lots of grass to play and have picnics on. Just thought I would mention it as a trip out that is cheap and local. 

Nursery - Spring 2021 Activities

Posted by Paul Worsnop on 5 May 2021

Category: Nursery