Children tested their hand/eye coordination when placing the penguins onto the iceberg. They had to place them carefully so that they didn’t fall off and knock other penguins off.

We have made polar bear masks so that we can be the polar bear in the story Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Can You Hear? We used different white materials for his fur and black paper for his nose and mouth.

We have been exploring the properties of magnets. We have discovered that inside our Nursery walls are some metal supports that our magnets attach to. These metal supports are needed to make our school structure secure and safe. We have discovered that magnets do not attach to wood or plaster board.

We devised different enclosures to stop the penguins from escaping. “It needs to have a small door”, “ It needs a roof”, “ They need to be safe”. We worked cooperatively to achieve our safe and secure enclosures.

Children used the tools to help construct enclosures for the penguins. We used a plain to make the wood smooth and a drill to attach the bricks together. We spent a long time achieving his goal. He ran his hand along the wood until he decided it was smooth enough to use. 

Nursery - First Week Summary

Posted by Paul Worsnop on 7 January 2022

Category: Nursery