One child is the teacher and is reading Captain Duck to her friends. “I’m holding the book like this because I’m the teacher”. Duck in a Truck is a “thumbs up” story. “It’s stuck” he said pointing at the truck.

The children enjoyed listening to the book Duck in a Truck.  Here they are making their own trucks that hopefully will not get stuck in the mud!
They could name the characters in the story.

Children worked cooperatively to make their enclosure. We had worked on enclosures last week and they have carried on the theme.

We have discovered a really cool way to see the different tracks that they different vehicles make.

We put the cars and vans in the paint and then push them to towards the slope.

We watched vehicles whizz down the slope and guessed which one would go the furthest. 

Nursery - Reading, Building and Paint

Posted by Paul Worsnop on 11 January 2022

Category: Nursery