Class 11 have had a fabulous time learning how to be an embalmer, learning about the process of mummifying our pharaohs . First of all, we cried for the pharaoh and pretended we were professional weepers - some of is took this role very seriously!

We then created an incision to scoop their internal organs. We found out that if we really were Ancient Egyptians then we would keep their organs in a canopic jar. We learned that we needed to weigh the heart on a scale to make sure it was lighter than a feather.

We were shocked to find out that every pharaoh was going to the underworld because their heart was not light enough. We then filled our pharaoh with natron (salt and bicarbonate of soda) and filled the rest of the sarcophagus with natron. 

Over the next few weeks, we will be recording what happens to our mummy and seeing if our predictions were right. We will them wrap it in bandages to finish the mummification process. 

Year 3 - History - Pharaohs

Posted by Paul Worsnop on 19 May 2022

Category: Year 3