Multicultural Day and Evening 2018

31 October 2018

This week, all of the year groups looked at a country around the world and began to see how their lives, food and cultures are different to ours. Please see year group pages for more information. 

On the afternoon of our famous multicultural evening, all of the children were treated to a sneak preview performance of the St Bart’s band, which gave us a taster as to the multicultural songs we heard performed on the evening. 

At 4:00, the doors opened and hundreds of children and their families and friends came to enjoy our multicultural celebrations. Many worldwide foods were enjoyed on the night, including foods and drinks from Italy, India, America, Mexico and the Caribbean. Children also enjoyed playing games, getting mhendi tattoos and getting their face painted. At the end of the night, we enjoyed a fantastic firework display! 

Thank you to all staff, Year 6 helpers, parent volunteers and families who attended on the night!

Multicultural Day and Evening 2018