House Competition

8 February 2019

Points and Positions - 8th February 2019

Position Team Points
1st Jaguars 89,911
2nd Lions 89,895
2nd Panthers 89,447
4th Tigers 89,417


House Cup Winners: Tigers

Attendance Cup Winners: Lions

Energy Cup Winners: Class 21

Class Attendance Winners: Class 7

Extra house points (100 points) will be signing on an adult to the St Bart's twitter feed.


How The System Works

In the Autumn Term 2012 a new ‘House’ system was introduced.  All children have opportunities to achieve house points for their respective Houses:  Lions, Tigers, Jaguars and Panthers.

Each house competes for two cups:  The Attendance Cup (each child receives a house point for attending school every day in the week) and The House Cup (won by the House with the most points).  Points for the House Cup are awarded in many ways, such as for trying hard or for having excellent manners.  Mrs Gavin OBE also sets a target each week to gain extra house points, such as wearing school uniform every day.

The two trophies are awarded in a special assembly every Friday, led by rock legend Mr Hoyle and his drums (keeping rock 'n' roll alive!). Total points for each House are displayed on the school corridor.  

Members of each House are shown in a display outside the main office alongside the two trophies.


The Attendance Cup


The House Points Cup