Father Michael Visits and Harvest Festival

2 November 2016

Wednesday 2nd November 2016

In our assembly today, Father Michael talked about Saints. He said that when he looks around, he sees a Hall full of Saints. We talked about what a Saint is. There are many famous Saints like Saint Bartholomew and Jesus's mother, Mary. Father Michael told us it is important for us to remember what God tells us through the Bible and his actions. His stories show us how we should conduct ourselves in our lives. After sharing a prayer, Mrs Gavin OBE praised the work of one of our LSA's in school, Mrs Rooks. She has been working hard with the sports teams we have at competitions. We look forward to Father Michael's next visit.

Harvest Festival - 19th October 2016

Today, we celebrated Harvest in Church with Father Michael. This was the first time some children had attended church and it was a great service! Each year performed songs and poetry about being thankful for everything we have. School choir Father Michael, spoke to us about how even if things aren't perfect or what we wanted, we should always still be thankful. Mrs Gavin OBE shared our school ethos 'BARTS' with us and we talked about each part and how it relates to us, as well as how we can work towards being successful.

Wedensday 12th October 2016

We were delighted to welcome Father Michael into school today to lead us in a Worship Assembly. Father Michael talked to us about our home and living in Armley. We talked about how we all share Similarities and differences but live and work together in harmony. Jesus says no matter what we look like or where we are from, Jesus loves us all equally.