Epiphany Assembly

17 December 2016

In assembly today we learned about Epiphany. Father Michael spoke to us about the three kings and why they took the presents they did to Jesus after his birth.

They took Gold, as a sign of wealth, and hat one day Jesus would be King.

They took Frankincense to show that he was very special, and that he would grow up to be a Priest, whose prayers touched everyone.

Finally, they took Myrrh, this represented the most amazing gift he would give for us—his life on the cross.

We shared a prayer about being thankful for everything we have, even if it is something we do not want or need.

Mrs Gavin OBE, then spoke to us about being helpful and always trying our best. We have to believe in ourselves and our inner strength to be the best we can be.

The greatest gift we can give living things, is love and care.