School Council Minutes - March 2017

27 March 2017

Minutes for 27/03/17

Today we created the slides and wrote a script to help us remember what to say. We are very happy with the presentation we have created! School council are looking forward to sharing it with all the children in the school.

Minutes for 20/03/17

This week we started to think about School of Sanctuary. We have been asked to give each class a talk about School of Sanctuary. We spent the meeting discussing between ourselves and using ipads to get a better understand about what it is.

Minutes for 13/03/17

The final debate was held this week. We debated ‘Do schools need school holidays?’ Children had strong views on this and all felt we needed school holidays!

Minutes for 06/03/17

Today we thought about school uniform. After the debate we concluded that children should wear school uniform because it looks smart and our children are proud to show they attend St Bart’s.

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