The Snap Election!

8 June 2017

Year 6 took the lead (in collaboration with Mrs Dixon) and informed all children in Key Stage 2 about the snap election. They did this through an assembly which included:

  • Why a snap election was taking place
  • How people vote
  • Who people could vote for
  • The manifestos for the main parties involved

This was then followed by a question and answer session.

After the assembly children had two days to cast their vote on ballot papers and post them into a secure ballot box.

On Thursday 8th June, in line with the real election, votes were counted by School Council members. Our Key Stage 2 votes were announced in assembly at the end of the school day:  Key Stage 2 voted LABOUR!!! With a shocking 251 votes to 58!

When questioned about the process, most children could discuss how we are a democratic society and what this involved. Most children could also give pros and cons of the Labour and Conservative manifestos.

The Snap Election!