At St Bartholomew's C of E Primary School, we follow the Wakefield Happy Languages Learning scheme. All children from Year 3 - Year 6 have the opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills in French and have the opportunity to hear native French speakers. 

Each topic is taught on a three-week cycle. At the start of each topic, children are taught key words for their topic (e.g.: animals) and are encouraged to rehearse them orally through games and songs. Knowledge is then built upon so children are able to use adjectives to describe their keywords and are encouraged to record this on paper.

Children are encouraged to use their French in everyday classroom scenarios such as asking to go to the toilet or answering the register.  

Please find the curriculum intent for French below:

Curriculum - French

Curriculum Policy - French

Curriculum Useful Links - French

BBC Bitesize

Voyage of Discovery

Primary Games Arena