Meals and Weekly Menu

Weekly Menu

Monday 18th March

Vegetable Grill with Homemade Jackets (Yellow Band)
Chicken Curry with Naan (Blue Band)
Jacket Potato with Cheese  (Green Band)
Tuna Sandwich with Homemade Jacket Wedges (Red Band)

Peas & Sweetcorn 
Salad Bar

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone 
Fresh Fruit 


Tuesday 19th March

Battered Fish with Potato Wedges (Yellow Band)
Vegetarian Bolognaise with Spaghetti (Blue Band)
Jacket Potato with Cheese (Green Band)
Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich with Potato Wedges (Red Band)

Carrots & Broccoli 
Salad Bar

Oatmeal Biscuits with Fruit 
Fresh Fruit 


Wednesday 20th March

Cheese Pizza with Herby Diced Potatoes (Yellow Band)
Ham Sandwich with Diced Potatoes (Blue Band)
Jacket Potato with Cheese (Green Band)
Tuna Wrap with Herby Diced Potatoes (Red Band)

Peas & Cauliflower 
Salad Bar

Sponge and Custard
Fresh Fruit 


Thursday 21st March

Vegetarian Sausage with Yorkshire Pudding, Mashed & Roast Potatoes (Yellow Band)
Roast Gammon With Yorkshire Pudding, Mashed & Roast Potatoes (Blue Band)
Hot Roast Gammon Sandwich with Roast Potatoes (Green Band)
Cheese Sandwich with Roast Potatoes (Red Band)

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables 
Salad Bar

Fun Fruit Thursday   


Friday 22nd March - Fantastic Friday!

Fish Goujons & Chips (Yellow Band)
Pork Sausage & Chips (Blue Band)
Jacket Potato with Tuna (Green Band)
Tuna Sandwich & Chips (Red Band)

Sweetcorn & Baked Beans    
Salad Bar

Chocolate Brownie  
Ice Cream Cone 
Fresh Fruit 



Children are able to concentrate and learn better when they have eaten a healthy, balanced lunch – school meals can be the simple solution.

NEWS… from September 2014, school meals for ALL children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are COMPLETELY FREE! This will provide a saving to families of £430 per year for each child.

In our school we serve 5 meal choices each day, consisting of: two main courses (one of which is a vegetarian meal), a jacket potato option and two sandwich options. Each meal includes a main course, vegetables and salad, pudding of the day or fruit or yoghurt and chilled water.

  • Meals are freshly made every day
  • Using great quality produce:
    • Fresh vegetables and potatoes, locally when in season
    • UK farm assured chicken, beef and lamb
    • Free range eggs from East Yorkshire
    • 100% salmon and white fish fillet from sustainable sources
    • Dolphin friendly tuna
    • Choice UK cheddar
  • Menus are designed to provide healthy, balanced meals which will be enjoyed by children
  • Menus meet the Government guidelines for school meals
  • All medical and religious diets can be catered

The cost of a school meal is £1.80 per day or £9.00 per week. This is due every Monday and is paid at the school office.

Children may alternatively bring a packed lunch, but for safety reasons drinks in glass bottles should not be brought into school. Please ensure that lunch boxes are labelled on the outside with your child’s name.

As part of our commitment to the National Healthy Schools Initiative we do not allow chocolate bars or fizzy drinks and limit packets of crisps to one.

If you feel that your child is entitled to a free school meal please contact the Education Benefits office on Leeds 0845 1270113.