St Bartholomew's C of E Primary School Partnership Links

Working Together To Achieve and Succeed

The strategic direction of the leadership of St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary School is driven by strong and highly productive partnership work. We are firm believers in the effectiveness of system leadership and how this can have a positive impact on the lives and education of all children. We strive to improve our own practice and develop leadership capacity through continued involvement in the following partnerships:

  • Yorkshire Inclusive Teaching School Alliance
  • Inner West Leeds Family of Schools
  • Enhanced Partnerships with Bradford College and Leeds Trinity and All Saints University
  • Sustaining Success – a working party of 5 outstanding primary schools
  • Area Inclusion Partnership – supporting the inclusion of all children in education

The school believes that playing an active role in all these partnerships has not only provided outstanding opportunities for continuous professional development of all staff but has provided the opportunity to positively impact children from outside our setting. We take part in and delivery regular training sessions covering all aspects and recently held an iPad training session for Teaching Assistants detailing how to utilise iPads and the free apps available on them to aid learning within the classroom.

Through the Yorkshire Inclusive Teaching School Alliance the school has played an active role in the future direction and the design of the School Direct programme. Members of staff have delivered training and development sessions to the cohort of students in areas such as subject leadership. Additionally the school has hosted the OTP training programme and has worked as part of a working party to develop the implementation of the new curriculum. The school prides itself on the effectiveness of support staff, several of which have worked in partnership with other key members of the Teaching School Alliance to plan a training programme for support staff.

The Headteacher is the chair of the Inner West Family of Schools. Through effective partnership work all schools in the family work collaboratively to drive local priorities forward. The family are committed to developing all staff and provide not only a joint training day but also provide continuous training and development sessions throughout the year to address subject area priorities and also training and support for NQTs. The school plays an active role in the NQT, Maths and English Core Group that designs the training provision on a yearly basis. Leaders in school deliver well attended training sessions to other staff from schools in the family.

Excellent links are established with the local authority in providing school to school support. All staff are involved in this process and are skilled and confident in the sharing of ‘outstanding’ practice and provision, aimed at schools with a high number of BME children. Feedback from these schools has been very positive and the effectiveness of support provided has been referenced in their OFSTED inspections. We are a firm believer that school to school support is highly beneficial for both schools involved and as a result our practice and provision is constantly evaluated and enhanced.  

The school is strongly committed in supporting and developing students and teachers new to the profession and providing them with the very best training opportunities possible. Members of the leadership team play an active role on steering committees at both Bradford College and Leeds Trinity and All Saints University. Bradford College have also awarded the school with the annual partnership award on several occasions.

The Sustaining Success group of outstanding primary schools has had significant impact in the development of daily practice and the dissemination of key information that impact school effectiveness. Through effective partnerships with other schools in this group, staff have had the opportunity to visit other settings that are very different from their own. They have formed productive relationships with other colleagues and as a result of these, fresh ideas have been implemented in school.

The OASIS (an inclusion unit) is based at school. The aim of which is to support children who are at risk of exclusion. Many children based in the OASIS are integrated back into mainstream education through attending our lessons. Many children who attend OASIS provision have now become permanent students at St Bartholomew’s, and are now successfully accessing the full curriculum.