Sports Premium

St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary School

PE and Sports Premium Provision and Expenditure Plan 2017/2018

Overview of the school

Total number of pupils on roll

700 (including nursery)

Total amount of PE and sports pupil premium funding received by the school



The PE and Sports Premium is specific, additional funding received by schools to improve the provision of PE (Physical Education) and sport in school, to improve outcomes for children and to help improve children’s physical fitness and healthy lifestyles and increase engagement in competitive games.


The provision supported by this funding would continue with the use of the school budget and through the application of grants where available.  Staff would be able to continue with the clubs, events and activities using the knowledge and experience gained through use of the funding.

Provision plan 2017/18

Key Priorities

Actions and timescales

Cost/ staffing

Evaluation of impact

To improve outcomes in PE for children in school

  • Employ a sports coach to work alongside staff to plan, deliver and assess the curriculum throughout the year
  • SLA with Leeds Rhinos to provide support for staff to deliver PE lessons
  • Fortnightly PE team meetings
  • Lesson observation (summer term)
  • Provide extra swimming opportunities for years 4/5 including extra sessions and instructors

Part of Salary £3780










To improve children’s physical fitness and increase opportunities to engage in physical activities

  • Weekly sports/activity clubs both at lunchtime and after school
  • Physical activities during play schemes with some children specifically identified
  • Resources provided daily to support physical activity at break and lunchtimes
  • Annual Health week

Salary £3600


£500 PW X 10 weeks

= £5000

£500 resources




£500 resources/activities



To increase children’s participation in sports competitions

  • Weekly clubs focussing on competitions(4 sessions PW)
  • SLA with Active Schools
  • Regular involvement in competitions and events throughout the year
  • CPD opportunities for staff  as appropriate
  • Daily PA sessions for all children(4xPW)

Salary  £1200



£500(staff OT/transport)




£300 equipment


To raise the profile of sport in school and broaden the experiences of children

  • Local clubs taster sessions for KS1/rec
  • Visits to sporting events for children and families
  • Cricket in the classroom for year 6



  • Day to remember in school


  • Play scheme activities include a range of different experiences and include targeted children




£600 (visit cost/transport/additional staffing)

Part of Rhinos package


See above



Sports Premium

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