School Council meet each week to make decisions on behalf of all pupils. School Council is made up of two children from each class (Year 3 upwards). Children are voted on to School Council at the start of each academic year by the pupils in their class.

The Reading Area Appeal

School council are excited to reveal their latest project.  One of the representatives came up with an idea related to our whole school focus around enjoyment of reading.  The rest of the delegates agreed and the Reading Area Appeal has taken shape.  

They have split into two groups, a buildings group and a fundraising group.  The children in the building group have researched how they want it to look, what they will need to order to achieve this, how much it will cost and where we may get the supplies.  The fundraising group have researched national companies who have previously donated to other schools and their projects, localised franchises of large companies and smaller local companies involved in the community, to ask for any donations to our appeal.

We have asked for specific items to be donated as well as money to go towards the appeal.

We are currently awaiting the response of these companies, although we have had a positive response already.

In future weeks we are going to respond to these emails as well as design posters and fliers to be dropped around the local area for any other donations that we may need.

If you have any contacts or know of anyone that can help in our appeal, please email the school council (who meet and will respond every Monday) at


The Reading Area Appeal - Tuesday 26th July 2022

It’s finally arrived. There is still lots of work to do over the summer, but the St Bart’s Big Book Bus has arrived and is in situ in the playground. The children are all very excited to see it and are looking forward to getting in there next year. 


The Reading Area Appeal - Friday 24th June 2022

School council have been working hard to make their idea become a reality. Over the last few weeks we have been busy choosing and ordering a suitable bus and, this week, we have been on a site visit to see it. We came up with some layout ideas and we are very excited to see how it all turns out. There are other jobs we need to complete before the big arrival, so watch this space. 


The Reading Area Appeal - Monday 21st March 2022

In todays meeting Mr Worsnop presented a website ( to help the school council with their fundraising. The children then used this to decide what they wanted their local area to help with and created a new post. It was really helpful and gave the children a new focus. 

School Council Minutes - 2021/2022