Meet the School Council Members

School Council meet each week to make decisions on behalf of all pupils. School Council is made up of two children from each class (Year 2 upwards). Children are voted on to School Council at the start of each academic year by the pupils in their class.

Recognising School Council

St Bart’s takes great pride in its School Council and all the good work they do for the school. To make School Council more recognisable and approachable, each member has been given a school fleece with the words School Council on the back.  

Mrs Wainwright, the headteacher, believes wearing the school fleeces will make School Council more prominent: “It’s great that they've been given school fleeces to wear, and it's made children more aware of who the school council members are and that they can be approached at any time with anything they want to talk about regarding school.”

School Council Minutes - 2019/2020