Senior Management Team

Headteacher: Mrs Jane Wainwright

Deputy Headteacher & Years 5 and 6: Mr David Needham

Assistant Head Teacher & Early Years: Mrs Kath Brown

Assistant Head Teacher & Years 1 and 2: Mrs Lisa McCaffrey

Assistant Head Teacher & Years 3 and 4: Mr Billy Waters


Class Teachers


Manager: Maria Harvey

Deputy: Mary Stead



Class 1: Miss Alana Poole        

Class 2: Miss Rachel Hainsworth

Class 3: Mrs Faye Ingleson


Year 1 & Year 2

Launchpad: Miss Sarah Appleton

Class 4: Miss Laurie McSkimmings

Class 5: Miss Rebecca Machin

Class 6: Mr Jack Waddell

Class 7: Mrs Rebecca Watson

Class 8: Miss Megan Hartnett

Covering Class 4 to Class 8: Miss Fiona Mills


Year 3 & Year 4

Class 9: Mr Tom Emmerson

Class 10: Miss Daisy Christie

Class 11: Miss Emma Matley

Class 12: Mr Paul Horsey

Class 13: Mr Tom Blackburn

Covering Class 9 to Class 13: Mrs Stephanie Parker


Year 5 & Year 6

Class 14: Mrs Lyndsey Smith

Class 15: Mr Tom Mulvihill

Class 16: Mr David Leadbeater

Class 17: Mrs Kattie Dixon

Class 18: Mrs Paige Martin

Class 19: Mr Paul Embleton

Covering Class 14 to Class 19: Mrs Alison Best


Administration Staff

Bursar/Business Manager: Mrs Sian Meyrick

Administrators: Mrs Jo Drake / Mrs Lee Stead / Mrs Sarah Busby

Superintendent: Mr Dale Tumilty


Pastoral Staff

Family Support Lead: Miss Collette Lawson

Family Support Assistant: Mrs Sue Handley


Support Staff


Miss Camile Grange, Miss Emma Howden, Miss Audra Abartyte



Mrs Karen Meadmore, Miss Courtney Mills, Mrs Gurbux Panesar, Miss Sarah Rusling


Year 1 & Year 2

Launchpad: Mr Chris Dawson, Mrs Rebecca Tramontano and Mrs Naomi Baker

Class 4: Miss Emma Henty & Miss Kate Bedford

Class 5: Mrs Carol Riley

Class 6: Miss Lisa O'Brien

Class 7: Miss Zdenka Kissova & Miss Kirsty Oliver

Class 8: Mrs Jasbir Sagoo


Year 3 & Year 4

Class 9: Mrs Sue Bent

Class 10: Mrs Kath Morris

Class 11: Mr David Middleton

Class 12: Mrs Carol Roberts

Class 13: Miss Katerina Mocova


Year 5 & Year 6

Class 14: Mrs Jo Megilley

Class 15: Mrs Deborah Langan

Class 16: Mr John Cunningham

Class 17: Mrs Sam Dyer

Class 18: Miss Serena Breslin

Class 19: Mr Steve Hoyle


Curriculum Responsibilities

Art: Laurie McSkimmings, Sarah Appleton

ICT: Rebecca Watson (KS1), Tom Mulvihill (KS2), Paul Worsnop

Design Technology: Jack Waddell

English: Lisa McCaffrey, Kattie Dixon, Rebecca Machin, Faye Ingleson

French: Emma Matley

Geography: Tom Mulvihill, Dominique Glover

History: Lyndsey Smith, Paige Carroll

Maths: Billy Waters, Daisy Christie, Alana Poole

Music: David Leadbeater

PE: Tom Blackburn, Aiden Clipsham

PSHE: Collette Lawson, Rachel Hainsworth, Jack Waddell, Paul Horsey

RE / Worship: Paul Embleton, David Leadbeater

School Council: Paul Horsey

Science: Steph Parker, Tom Emmerson, Joanne Fields


The Governing Body

The Headteacher – Mrs J Wainwright

One elected staff governor – Mrs L McCaffrey

One appointed local authority governor – Ms S Banks

Two Foundation governors – Father M Wood and Mrs E Handley

Two elected parent governors – Mr K Ofeimu and Mrs T Adewuyi

Five co-opted governors – Miss C Lawson, Mrs K Brown, Mr W Ralley, Mrs R Oseme and Mr H Baloch