Parents' Questionnaire

Thank you to everybody who filled in our Parent/Guardian Questionnaires.

Our analysis shows:

1. My child is happy at school and enjoys their lessons 96% agree/strongly agree

My child is well looked after at school

97% agree/strongly agree
3. I am happy with the progress that my child makes at school 94% agree/strongly agree
4. I feel that school provides a safe environment for my child 96% agree/strongly agree

I am satisfied with the extra support that my child receives

91% agree/strongly agree
6. I feel that the school listens to my views / I can share my views through questionnaires 92% agree/strongly agree
7. I am aware of how I can support my child's education and know that my child is making progress 96% agree/strongly agree
8. The school shares information about activities, events and courses for parents 96% agree/strongly agree
9. I am happy with the homework that my child brings home 88% agree/strongly agree
10. My child is included in a range of school activities, clubs and community events e.g. multicultural events, PE clubs, family learning, keep fit, after school club, holiday scheme 94% agree/strongly agree

Thank you for returning the questionnaires! We had 215 families take part in the survey.

A few things parents said they liked about St Bart's:

"I am astounded by how much school does for the children."

"My child loves coming to school."

"When he moved here he was behind but he's doing really well now."

"I would recommend St Bart's, I loved it when I came here."