Shared Reading

Reading with your child gives you special time together and helps develop your child’s language skills and imagination, creates happy memories and a lifelong love of reading.

Below are parent guides on shared reading:

Shared Reading Guidance

Reading Rucksacks

After half term classes 1 to 8 will be introducing their 'Reading Rucksacks' to help encourage children to read for enjoyment over the weekends. 

Each weekend 2 children from each class will have the opportunity to take home the rucksack to enjoy with their grown ups. Inside the rucksack there are a range of stories for grown ups to share with children and lots of other exciting things such as a torch, a cuddly toy and a treat!

Look out for pictures on the website of children showing how much they love reading!

Reading Rucksacks Gallery

Reading Aloud

Why should we keep reading aloud to kids even when they can already "read on their own"?  

This talk demonstrates the magic of read aloud and reminds us all why reading aloud is so essential - at school and at home. This talk is for parents and teachers who want to teach comprehension and connect with kids in powerful ways. 

Reading Guides