Keeping regular learning going during any period when your child is having to stay at home, but is well enough to complete school work, is of great importance to reduce the impact on your child’s education.

There are many reasons your child might be provided with remote education, such as COVID 19 or a medical appointment requiring a period of isolation or a medical condition preventing your child attending school. Contact the school office if there are any times when your child cannot attend school, but she/he is well enough to access education.  A member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) will call you to discuss this.   
We will teach the same curriculum remotely as we do in school wherever possible and appropriate. However, there will have to be some adaptations in some subjects. 

The following will be in place: 

  • All resources for the day’s education (such as blurbs, videos and worksheets) will be uploaded onto Teams. 
  • Work will be completed in a ‘Remote Education’ exercise book and can then be handed in by uploading the work to Teams, or when your child returns to school. 
  • Feedback on work uploaded to Teams will be given by a teacher/member of staff involved in your child’s remote education. Feedback will be given in different forms depending on the day. 
  • A school laptop can be requested if your child is unable to access Teams online at home. A loan agreement has to be completed. 
  • A member of staff from your child’s Year Group will also make a telephone call home to check-in with you and your child and if necessary, encourage engagement with remote education.

Remote Education - Online Safety


Remote Education - Guides to Using Microsoft Teams

Below are guides on how to access Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams will support ongoing education as it will help to provide the link between the teacher and child/parents. 

As with most online learning platforms, there are a number of ways to access assignments in Microsoft Teams so the text and video guides differ slightly. This was intentionally done to demonstrate different ways of accessing assignments.


Remote Education - Microsoft Teams Text Guides


Remote Education - Video Guides to Using Microsoft Teams (iOS / Android / Windows)


Remote Education - Times Table Rockstars

Times Table Rockstars Website link


Remote Education - 7 Top Tips to Support Reading at Home