Pupil Home Working - Nursery

Home Working Documents - Nursery

Here are some discussion ideas and practical activities you may want to use with your children to continue their development at home:

  • Each day, discuss the day, date and seasons.
  • Ask your children to find different shapes around your house.
  • Get them to find their favourite toy and draw a picture of it.
  • Count to 10 and, when they are confident, count to 20.
  • Ask them to find numbers around the house.
  • Get them to help match the socks in the draw.
  • Practice putting on coats and shoes by themselves.
  • Let them explain how to play musical statues and play it together.
  • Ask children, what colour cars can you see out of the window?
  • Talk about what the weather is like today.
  • Get them to practice writing their name.
  • Get them to practice writing numbers to 10.
  • Do some measuring together and find out who has the biggest shoes in the house.
  • Get children to find objects around the house with the same sounds.
  • Make a model.
  • Ask them to draw a picture of their family.
  • Ask children to count the number of doors and windows around the house.


Useful Websites

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