Thursday 15th October

I look out of the window and see a blue sky and white clouds, ask your child what they can see, is it going to be a blue sky sunny day or a blue sky cold day? Look at the clouds what can they see? Ismaeel saw dinosaur clouds on Monday. I have put a range of activities, including a yoga session, story sessions, singing session and Mr Tumble episode relating to 'on the farm'.

You could talk about what food comes from different animals- hens/eggs, cows/milk. Lots of foods are made using or from milk, can they guess what else are?? Enjoy your day and hopefully see you soon!


  • Matching socks- everyone has odd socks, see if your child can help you match them up. Talk about the colours/patterns as you sort. They feel happy because they are helping and you get your socks paired!   I know odd socks are fashionable but for sorting purposes be old fashioned please!
  • Threading pasta/ Cheerios on to string/shoe lace to make a necklace- excellent fine motor development activity
  • Collect some sticks if you can and then sort them by size. If you don't have any sticks see if you can find different sized things that you have around the house- shoes, cooking utensils, trousers, tights etc.