13 September 2022

We have recently become aware of an increase in a phishing scam, often known as ‘Hi Mum’.

The scam involves the impersonation of friends or family members, and can be conducted through text message or an instant messaging service, such as WhatsApp.

  • Potential victims are contacted by a scammer posing as a family member or a friend. This is usually done via a messaging service like WhatsApp.
  • The scammer will claim that they have lost or damaged their phone (this explains why they’re contacting from a different number).
  • After a few messages have been exchanged in order to build a rapport, the scammer will ask for personal information. This might be photographs (for their social media profile) or money to urgently help pay a bill, a contractor or to replace their phone.
  • These requests continue the ruse of a lost or broken phone, with the justification that the funds are needed because they can’t access their online banking temporarily.

Safer Schools have created a 'scam alert' that will help you understand what the scam is, how to protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming victims and what you can do if you’ve been scammed - see the link below:

'Hi Mum' Scam Alert - Safer Schools