At St Bartholomew’s, we want to foster a love of mathematics within all of our children. We want them to be able to use maths to help them in real life and provide them with skills they will need for the future.  
To ensure all of our learners are successful in mathematics, we have adopted the White Rose Maths scheme across all year groups. Within this scheme, children are regularly making, drawing and working out mathematical problems using the concrete – pictorial – abstract approach. This feeds into a range of fluency, reasoning and problem solving activities.  

All children from Year 2 upwards, have a timetabled slot to practise their times tables within school. They also have login details for Times Table Rockstars to complete further tasks at home, as well as weekly maths homework to provide further consolidation. Our curriculum is differentiated to provide enough support and challenge for individual pupils so that all children can achieve their full potential. To further support children’s understanding of mathematical concepts, the school has uses an allocation of the budget to provide lots of hands on equipment and resources, so that children can manipulate numbers and concepts in a variety of ways.  

Progress and attainment are carefully tracked on an individual basis to ensure that children make at least expected progress. This is done through teacher judgements and using end of block and end of term tests. The school values special events and takes part in Number Day and Times Table national competitions. 

Please find the curriculum intent for Maths below:

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White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths - Maths with Michael

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