‘Children must hold maths in their hands before they hold it in their head’. 

At St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary, we follow the National Curriculum, in ensuring all pupils become:

  • Fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics 
  • Able to reason mathematically 
  • Able to solve problems by applying their mathematical knowledge 

We offer to support and challenge children appropriately, so that they fulfil all curriculum requirements by the time that they have finished their primary education. We understand the value of early mathematics’ understanding and ensure our children are equipped with the basics in maths and a deep understanding of core facts to develop automatic recall of key mathematics components.  

We want all children to be prepared for the next step in their academic journey, as well as instilling a love of mathematics within all pupils. We recognise that positive attitudes towards mathematics goes hand in hand with success in the subject.  

We aim to equip children with all of the essential life skills by the time they leave us, including telling the time, paying for items with money, designing and measuring objects and many more. We ensure that the love of maths that we foster within children equips them for a range of jobs they may want to one day start, all of which would require some level of mathematics to be successful in. We understand the complexities of mathematics in secondary school and try to equip our pupils appropriately for this next stage in their education.  

We ensure that our diverse mix of children are submerged into a vocabulary rich curriculum and that all mathematical terms and words are understood and applied. 

Finally, we want children to love maths and to look forward to their lessons and see the wider world benefit of the subject.

Please find the curriculum intent for Maths below:

Curriculum - Maths

Curriculum - Maths - Useful Links

Number Blocks

Times Table Rockstars

Top Marks Games

White Rose Maths

White Rose Maths - Maths with Michael


Curriculum - Maths - Nursery

In Nursery we use a wide range of resources to help the children learn about maths.


Curriculum - Maths - Reception

Reception have been exploring numbers 1,2,3. We have counted them, compared them and represented them. In this loose parts area we enjoyed using the different resources to represent numbers to 3 and also to match their numerals.


Curriculum - Maths - KS1

KS1 have been using a part whole model in maths to split numbers into parts.


Curriculum - Maths - Division

Year 3 and year 4 have been working hard, using practical resources to help with their division skills. We all had a fantastic time working on different ways to group and learned why it is better to group in certain ways than others.