Curriculum Intent

St Bartholomew’s C of E V/C Primary School is located in Armley, an inner-city area in the west of Leeds.  Our school is a large voluntary controlled school in one of the highest deprived areas in the country (top 3%).

Our school curriculum is shaped by the key challenges children from our local area may face as noted above.

At St Bartholomew’s, our curriculum will develop both successful learners and confident, responsible citizens.  The school holds both in high regard.  

Our curriculum will:

  • Raise aspirations
  • Develop essential skills across all curriculum areas
  • Be inclusive for all learners including disadvantaged, EAL, SEND
  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Prepare pupils for their next step in education
  • Provide all children with daily mathematics, reading and English

At St Bartholomew’s, we value the importance of developing basic skills in English and Maths to ensure all children can then access the wider curriculum.

Learning that is exciting, memorable and stimulating is non-negotiable.  Children will enjoy school and be immersed in their learning; having a desire to attend school.  

We ensure children have a thirst for learning through:
•    Passionate teachers
•    Engaging lessons
•    First hand experiences
•    Wide range of extra-curricular activities
•    Exciting daily worship 

By the time children leave St Bartholomew’s, we not only want them to have fulfilled their academic potential but we want confident, independent British citizens who demonstrate the following attributes:

•    Ambition – always aiming to better themselves.
•    Courage - they will not be afraid to try new things.
•    Commitment - they will work hard.
•    Willpower – they will strive to be the best they can be.
•    Integrity – they will tell the truth at all times.
•    Drive – they want to better themselves at every opportunity.
•    Patience – they will accept that some things take time.
•    Resilience – they will always keep trying.
•    Optimism – they know that good things will happen to them if they work hard.


You can find out more about our curriculum by looking at our weekly newsletter which provides updates about what each year group are doing. The school life section of the website is also regularly updated with pictures and information on what pupils have been learning in school. Parents are also welcome to ask any questions about the curriculum on parents' evenings, held each term.