Curriculum Outline

At St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary, we are very proud of our highly effective curriculum. Our personalised curriculum reflects our diverse mix of children and we not only provide an outstanding education, but we provide an outstanding education that is right for the children that walk through our doors each day. We ensure that our specifically designed curriculum is inclusive for all and allows children to develop high aspirations, to show them that they can achieve whatever they put their mind to. We ensure that all of the children in our school are stretched to achieve the best that they can. We are determined to continually deliver a broad and balanced curriculum that inspires all of our pupils to want to learn. 

Our balance of subjects allows our pupils to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills that we carefully plan out for them, so that they are equipped for life in modern Britain. We strive to give all of our pupils first hand experiences through effective trips and visitors to further enhance the quality of education that children at St Bartholomew’s receive, thus ensuring their learning is exciting, memorable and stimulating. Our curriculum is further enriched through our wide range of clubs, assemblies and daily reflection that our pupils take part in. 

When planning our full and rich curriculum, we use themes as a vehicle into our curriculum skills and objectives. Children are immersed in their learning and will deepen their understanding of a theme through all of their subjects. Teachers frequently assess the progress of all pupils in order to evaluate and implement our outstanding curriculum.

Please see the links below for further information about the school curriculum.


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You can find out more about our curriculum by looking at our weekly newsletter which provides updates about what each year group are doing. Parents are also welcome to ask any questions about the curriculum on parents' open days, held each term.


Curriculum - Reading and Phonics

We use Letters and Sounds for our phonics programme throughout EYFS and KS1.

There are two core reading schemes used in school. From EYFS to KS2 the children follow a progressive reading scheme.  Early years and KS1 children start on Oxford Reading Tree Scheme.  These include a range of fiction and non-fiction books.

Children are then gradually moved on to a more advanced scheme when reaching year 2. From year 2 onwards, children read books from the Bug Club scheme which enables children to choose their own books within their level, giving them ownership of what they are reading. There are a range of fiction and non-fiction books aimed at both boys and girls. All these books have comprehension running alongside with a set of questions referring to each book