At St Bart’s, we are very proud of our Science and hold a national award called a PSQM (Primary Science Quality Mark).

Throughout school we use the Collins ‘Snappy Science’ scheme, which covers all areas of the science curriculum, plus some enrichment topics. It covers the yearly topics set out in the national curriculum. We are proud that lots of our science is very ‘hands on’ and we show children lots of jobs they may get if they pursued science in later life.

Each year, we hold a science week, where special visitors and exciting activities are planned to raise the profile of science and ensure children love learning the subject. We have strong links with local schools and use funding to help secure excellent progress and attainment in science. We also get children involved at home through our termly ‘Science selfie’ homework, where children complete science experiments at home and take a picture of them with it, displayed on our website.  


Please find the curriculum intent for Science below:

Curriculum - Science

Curriculum Useful Links - Science


PSTT (Primary Science Teaching Trust)