At St Bart’s, we are very proud of our Science and hold a national award called a PSQM (Primary Science Quality Mark).

Throughout school we use the Collins ‘Snappy Science’ scheme, which covers all areas of the science curriculum, plus some enrichment topics. It covers the yearly topics set out in the national curriculum. We are proud that lots of our science is very ‘hands on’ and we show children lots of jobs they may get if they pursued science in later life.

Each year, we hold a science week, where special visitors and exciting activities are planned to raise the profile of science and ensure children love learning the subject. We have strong links with local schools and use funding to help secure excellent progress and attainment in science. We also get children involved at home through our termly ‘Science selfie’ homework, where children complete science experiments at home and take a picture of them with it, displayed on our website.  

Please find the curriculum intent for Science below:

Curriculum - Science

Curriculum - Science - Useful Links


PSTT (Primary Science Teaching Trust)


Curriculum - Science - Materials and Senses

We have been looking at materials and investigated the best material to use to block out sunlight.

We used our sense of touch to feel different things and describe how they felt. Testing our sense of smell was a fun lesson, we smelt lots of different things, some we liked, some we really didn’t!


Curriculum - Science - Ears and Sound

Year 3 have been testing different materials that they thought would muffle sound and they then made their own ear defenders based on their findings.

Year 3 and year 4 have learnt about how we hear and how our ears work. We then researched the question ’Do all animals have the same hearing range?’ We chose how to present our findings.


Curriculum - Science - Apollo 11

Mr Leadbeater brought in his Lego model of the Apollo 11 to show the children how all the different parts of the rocket work. This really brought the moon walk to life for the children.


Curriculum - Science - Armley Park Visit

Year 5 spent an exciting couple of hours down at Armley park studying science and our local area. We studied nature that has its habitat in our local area and got familiar with it.

We collected seeds and helped with the mission of planting a huge new forest from Liverpool to Hull.

We also had lots of fun learning what plants need: We all had a lovely time and really enjoyed exploring our local area – Armley Park.


Curriculum - Science - Taxonomy

Year 6 have been taxonomists and worked together to classify animals.