Parent Questionnaires

We are very proud of the responses givens by parents, guardians and pupils. Below are a few things parents/guardians said they liked about St Bart's:

"I am very happy with my son at this school."

"Everything is brilliant, thank you."

"I am pleased with the progress my children have made and how communication is improving."

"I would recommend St Bart's, my children are doing very well.  I would like to see more homework."

“School should keep it up and move even higher”

“The school is beyond amazing, I couldn’t ask for a better school”

I would like more homework and help with how to help my child learn”

“The after school club, breakfast club and holiday scheme have allowed me to go to work”

“Thank you for the love, time and effort that you put into making St Bart’s an awesome school.  We appreciate everything that you do to support parents and every child that comes through the door”

The school welcomes all your suggestions and will take them into consideration. 

Questionnaire - Pupils

On Thursday the 18th April we invited parents to come for a tour of school.  We have had parents ask about what school looks like and many who were once pupils at school wondering how it has changed over the years, so we decided to open our doors and hold a tour.  It is the place your children spend most of their time during term time.

The tour started with the chance to taste a sample of school dinners which both parents and children enjoyed!  Remember all children in reception to year 2 are eligible for a free school meal.  We then took them on a full tour of the school both up and downstairs.
It was fantastic to be able to show parents round as we are very proud of the school and the work we have put into making it a vibrant, safe learning environment for all our children.  If you do not work in school, you often do not realise how big we are and how many different rooms and learning spaces we have.

The feedback was very positive and we will take on board any suggestions.  I have included just a handful of the very positive comments below.  I have also had other parents now ask if we will be holding another tour so we have planned one for Thursday the 13th of June, letters and a booking form will be sent out closer the time.

Lastly a big than you to all the parents who turned up for the tour and taking the time to visit school and provide feedback.

Parent Comments

  • ‘I loved the library area the most, it looked like a safe, comfortable space to enjoy reading.’
  • ‘I enjoyed seeing the food the children eat.’
  • ‘All in all it was an enjoyable and informative tour.’
  • ‘Loved seeing the school after 25 years.’
  • ‘The way the layout has improved and the curriculum taught shows the positive qualities of the school’
  • ‘My mum was grateful to be part of it, seeing her granddaughter’s class.’
  • ‘Thank you for being so approachable and accessible.’
  • ‘It was an interesting tour, which should be encouraged more often.  I think it will encourage more connectivity with the kids and their learning environment.’
  • ‘It was great to see the excitement on my kids’ faces when they walked through their classrooms.’
  • ‘I think these tours should be encouraged occasionally to give the children a sense of ownership in their learning space.’
  • ‘I very much enjoyed the tour, thanks for taking the time and showing parents around.’
  • ‘A well-kept school and a good atmosphere for the children.’