At St Bart’s, we want to encourage children to be able to develop their musical skills both with in the classroom and also with extra-curricular activities.

To fulfill this, we aim to deliver many opportunities for the children to experience all aspects of music. This includes; live music, learning different instruments and joining in with performances, both in school and in the wider community. By giving our children these opportunities we hope that we will allow all our talented children to build their confidence and encourage the development of their musical skills outside of the classroom as a life-long hobby.

To achieve this, the school offers a variety of opportunities for the children to take their musical talents to the next level. This includes:

  • Rocksteady music school – where the children learn the guitar, vocals, drums and keyboard to perform in a band.
  • The school choir – who regularly sing at concerts, performing to a variety of audiences as well as with other schools, allowing them to sing many different styles and songs.
  • The performing arts club – which allows children to put all their talents together to sing, dance and act with regular performances to their peers and parents.
  • Live music in schools – when children can experience music from around the world performed by professional musicians who inspire and educate through amazing performances.
  • St Bart’s Got Talent – an annual opportunity for our most talented pupils to show off their skills to their peers.

Curriculum - Music - Back Chat Brass Performance

KS2 really enjoyed watching the musical performance by ‘Back Chat Brass’. They were amazing!


Curriculum - Music - Choir & Performing Arts Club Parent Performances

An amazing term of practicing in the choir and the performing arts club ended in a brilliant performance to parents. Every one of the children worked really hard to learn their songs and lines. Amazing solos show how talented the children of St Bart's are. I cannot wait to see what they all do next. Great work, you should be really proud of your achievements. 


Curriculum - Music - Leeds Youth Music Prom 2024

Another great afternoon out with the choir to hear the Leeds Youth Music Prom at Pudsey Civic Hall. Three groups played an amazing array of songs. The string section from the Leeds Youth Orchestra, the woodwind section from the Youth Orchestra and the amazing Youth Jazz Rock Orchestra. All the children had a great time, dancing and singing along with the great performances. I really hope that this has inspired the children to pick up and instrument and I cannot wait to see the next concert. 


Curriculum - Music - Band Assembly

The children in year 3/4 have been lucky enough to have another musical experience. This time the band that came played songs from Eastern Europe and sang songs in different languages. The children joined in with the chorus’ and clapped along enthusiastically. They all really enjoyed it. 


Curriculum - Music - School Choir

The choir really enjoyed singing carols at Stocks Hill Community Centre Christmas Party. They have practiced really hard and sounded amazing. I am really looking forward to hearing them sing at St Bart’s Carol Service on Wednesday. Well done to you all.


Curriculum - Music - Rock Steady Music - Full Performance Videos

Pupils from years 3 and 4 did a superb job performing on stage!

Curriculum - Music - Rock Steady Music School

Children across years 3 and 4 have been collaborating over the term in order to perform in front of their peers. 

Curriculum - Music - Piano Concert - May 2023

What an amazing morning KS1 had in school. They were treated to an brilliant concert, where Joanna the Piano was brought to life and helped us to understand what we need to do to help save the planet: switch off lights; walk more instead of using busses and cars; wear a jumper to keep warm instead of turning the heating up and recycle what we can! We also looked inside the piano to see it working as it was being played.

A great big thank you to Sally and her team, especially the world renown pianist Yuanfan Yang and Helen Quayle who put on a great show. Just watch the videos of Yaunfan playing. If you started practicing now, maybe you could play like him in the future!