We have Collective Worship every day, some of this is whole school and some is as a class.

  • Monday – whole school – Mrs Wainwright 
  • Tuesday – class following on from Monday
  • Wednesday – whole school – Mrs Wainwright or special guest 
  • Thursday – Class 
  • Friday - Celebration (Whole School)

Mrs Wainwright plans worship for Monday to Wednesday and Friday.  

We use 'Roots and Fruits' for this which follows a two year plan.  They are supported by the Worship Council who are made up of children from year 6.  

In the summer term these children will work with some year 5 children to become the next Worship Council.

The class teachers plan for Thursday using Picture News.

Right to Withdraw

As a large multicultural church school we hope that all children join our worship which covers themes that are relevant to all children and adults regardless of faith and beliefs. If you would like to withdraw your child from worship you must put it in writing and discuss it with Mrs Wainwright.

Worship Documents

Worship Areas

Each class has a worship area, in these, classes display the current theme and bible quotes.  They also include reflections and thoughts from the class worship sessions.  In addition there is the class bible and candles to support quiet reflection.

We are currently developing a school worship display in the main entrance.

Recording Collective Worship

Each half term we focus on a theme for our worship. We collect work, thoughts and reflections from each class to make our floor book. This is kept in our main entrance for parents and visitors to look at. The worship council also share it with the children.

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