At St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary, PSHE is at the heart of our ethos and our curriculum enables pupils to develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to become happy and healthy members of our community. Our whole school approach to PSHE provides pupils with the early building blocks to allow them to succeed and thrive, both in the next step of their academic journey and within their future life in modern Britain. We believe that these building blocks, with a particular focus on mental health and wellbeing, provide a foundation to empower children to feel safe and happy and achieve across the curriculum and in their future lives.

Our PSHE curriculum is based on the You, Me and PSHE scheme, which covers many topics such as keeping safe and managing risk, mental health and wellbeing and physical health. This is supplemented with resources from other organisations, for example NSPCC, NHS Every Mind Matters and MindMate. We follow a spiral curriculum, with key topics revisited at an age appropriate level, which meets the statutory RSE requirements and is in line with the National Curriculum. We want our PSHE curriculum to enable children to feel safe and confident, be able to identify and manage risk and develop the knowledge and skills to lead a physically and mentally healthy life. 

At St Bartholomew’s, we understand the importance of PSHE and promote it throughout school. We aim to create a safe and happy learning environment for all pupils, where they can speak openly and access further support if needed. Pupils in KS2 complete the My Health My School survey to share their views and this is used to develop our curriculum and ensure it is led by the needs of the children. We also strive to provide our diverse mix of pupils with engaging events and experiences linked to our PSHE curriculum through themed weeks, workshops and visitors from members of our community.

Curriculum - PSHE

Curriculum - PSHE - Useful Links

BBC Bitesize Bullying Clips

BBC Own It



Childline - Calm Zone


Health for Kids

Safety Net Kids


Young Minds


Curriculum - PSHE - Walk to School Week

We have been celebrating Walk to School Week by learning all about the reasons why it is good to walk to school. In EYFS and KS1 we have described what we see and hear on our walk to school and have been drawing pictures. In KS2 we enjoyed writing acrostic poems all about our walk to school and why it is good for us and the environment. We also had a competition to see which class had the most children who walked to school. Classes 6 and 16 won the competition and won an extra playtime each. Well done!


Curriculum - PSHE - PANTS Rules

The children had lots of fun learning the PANTS rules and listening to the Pantosaurus song for How to Keep Safe Week. They even designed their own pair of pants!


Curriculum - PSHE - Midwife Visit

Reception had a special visitor called Alex who is a midwife. She told us all about her job and how she helps mummies and their babies. She even brought in her baby for us to see!


Curriculum - PSHE - Sun Safety Week

Across school, children have enjoyed learning how to stay safe in the sun during Sun Safety Week   They have found out what they could wear, where they could go to keep out of the sun and what dangers the sun possesses.

Curriculum - PSHE - Safety Week

For Safety Week, the children enjoyed learning about rail, road and online safety. They made some great posters to share what they have learnt. 


Curriculum - PSHE - RSE

Class 14 have been investigating different toiletries, what they are used for and why as part of our RSE unit. We have been understanding the importance of keeping clean especially as our bodies grow and changes start to happen.  


Curriculum - PSHE - St Giles Trust Visit

Year 5 had visitors in from the St Giles Trust to help raise awareness about weapons and the possible risks of seemingly harmless objects. 

Carl discussed with the children what is required to be a responsible citizen and there was also a focus on gangs and what constitutes a gang. Carl also discussed the realities of gangs and how children need to be careful when using social media.


Curriculum - PSHE - Legal / Illegal Drugs

Well done class 17 who presented their research on legal and illegal drugs in PSHE.