E-Safety is an important factor in today’s society; therefore it is discussed and revisited throughout the school year, during both Computing and PSHE lessons.

In addition, an E-Safety Week takes place every year in Spring Term. Throughout the week children learn how to be safe when using various online applications. Each year group where given specific e-safety tasks to complete by the end of the week which include: songs/raps, leaflets, posters and videos. Year 4 also entered an online competition to design an e-safety net nasty character!

With the ever growing online world, it is important that children understand the dangers of giving out personal information. Children are educated about the risks of sharing this information whilst using online gaming, social networking and various applications such as: Instagram, Snap Chat and instant messenger. Both positive and negative points are raised and discussed.

The rising issue of cyber bullying is also discussed (in year 6) and children are shown the effects this can have on an individual.

Children are asked to sign a KS1/KS2 code of conduct for the acceptable use of ICT each year. There are also internet safety rules for KS1 and for KS2 pupils, which you can read below:


The NSPCC have introduced a new report remove tool whereby children, young people and adults can report nude images of them that are circulating social media and ensure they are taken down. 

The link can be accessed below:

NSPCC Report Remove Tool Website

General Apps

Below are 10 apps that are popular with children and that parents need to know about.

                               Logo                                                               Name                                                               Information                               

Ask an anonymous question and get an answer. This app has been linked to severe forms of cyberbullying.                               

Kik A messaging app. Kik has built in app and web content that can be unsuitable.
Tik Tok A free sharing website that promotes creating and sharing user created videos.
Whisper An anonymous app where the creators promote sharing secrets and meeting new people.
   Wishbone    An app that allows users to compare pupils against each other and rate them on a scale.

Yubo is a live-streaming platform designed to help users “meet new people” from all around the world.


Live Video Streaming Apps

Live video streaming is becoming more popular with young people. Below are the most popular apps to be aware of that allow live streaming.

Logo Name Information
Facebook Live   Its Facebook but its live.
Live.Me Go live, connect with your favourite stars and earn rewards.
Snapchat Not live video, but is included here because it has a video elements to it.
Twitch This is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers.

Discover talented broadcasters, watch live streams and video chat with people from around the world.

YouTube YouTube now has live streaming capabilities.


Parent Guides - Parent Control Apps

Screen Time

Set time limits for your childrens devices from your phone or any browser. Set bedtime and school time restrictions for specific apps. Use your phone or tablet to pause your child's device or give bonus time. Create fun check lists of things you would like children to do or learn and motivate them with rewards.


Basic Version = £Free

Premium Subscription = £2.99 per month

Available On

Android, iOs, Amazon

More Information

Screen Time Website




Block inappropriate apps from the device when your child is using it. Set regular device schedules to automatically block or unblock your child's device at the required time. Lock your child's device remotely with the flick of a switch. See how your child is using their device with Kidslox session statistics. Set up custom profiles that allow your child to access only the apps and phone functions you want them to access.


Android = £Free

Amazon, iOs = £4.99

Available On

Android, iOs, Amazon

More Information

Kidslox Website



Our Pact

Set limits on how much time your children are spending on their mobile devices. Create schedules, block all internet and app use at a moments notice or reward them with the allowance feature. Balance the risks and rewards of iOs and Android technology for your family.



Available On

Android, iOs

More Information

Our Pact Website



Google Family Link

This app has been created to help keep children safe using the Google Suite of apps.



Available On

iOs, Android

More Information

Google Family Link Website


E-Safety is an important factor in today’s society; therefore it is discussed and revisited throughout the school year, during both ICT and PSHCE lessons.

Below are some parental guides to assist you in helping keep you and your child safe when using technology and games consoles outside of school.

Parent Guides - General Information

Parent Guides - Games Consoles and Technology

Parent Guides - Games, Apps and Websites

Parent Guides - Questions to ask / When children get into trouble online

Parent Guides - Home Broadband and Social Media Controls

Facebook Safety
Sky Broadband Shield
Virgin Media

E-Safety Pupil Guides

Please click the links below to access important websites to assist pupils in understanding and learning about e-safety:

Bullying Online
CBBC Stay Safe
Chat Danger
Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre        
Internet Watch Foundation