Welcome from our headteacher

On behalf of the children, staff and governors, I welcome you to St Bartholomew's C of E Primary School.

We are a very large church school, which bases its ethos and vision on Christian values.  We value the contribution that everyone makes to school life, placing great importance on creating fulfilled and happy people.  

Our school’s Christian vision represents all that we strive for:

‘We believe we will flourish in God’s family, we can all achieve, we respect everyone, together we support each other and as part of God’s family we will support everyone to succeed’ Luke 4:18

We have high expectations of all children both socially and academically. We aim to provide young people with the experiences they need to develop into successful learners; confident individuals and compassionate citizens of God's family.

It is our aim that at the end of their years' at St Bartholomew’s, all children will have a sense of achievement and fulfilment as a result of their experiences here and will leave us ready for the next adventure at high school.

We strive to improve the outcomes for all our children St Bartholomew’s and I am looking forward to continuing the journey we have been on since April 2019.  

We are a good school and I am extremely proud of what we represent and am fortunate to lead this amazing school.

The governors, teachers, support staff and all stakeholders are dedicated to providing the best possible broad and balanced education for your child and we work enthusiastically to achieve this.  

I hope that your child will be very happy with us and I hope we can work together to ensure they achieve their best.

Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Jane Wainwright, Headteacher

Senior Management Team

Headteacher: Mrs Jane Wainwright

Deputy Headteacher & Years 5 and 6: Mr David Needham

Assistant Head Teacher & Early Years: Mrs Kath Brown

Assistant Head Teacher & Years 1 and 2: Mrs Lisa McCaffrey

Assistant Head Teacher & Years 3 and 4: Mr Billy Waters

Class Teachers

Nursery Teacher: Maria Harvey



Class 1: Miss Alana Poole        

Class 2: Miss Nicole Le Brocq

Teacher in charge of EYFS: Faye Ingleson

Covering class 1 to class 2: Miss Sam Biscombe


Year 1 & Year 2

Class 3: Miss Rachel Hainsworth

Class 4: Miss Laurie McSkimmings

Class 5: Mr Jack Waddell

Class 6: Miss Emily Schofield

Class 7: Mrs Rebecca Watson

Covering class 3 to class 7: Miss Fiona Mills


Year 3 & Year 4

Class 8: Mr Tom Emmerson

Class 9: Mrs Stephanie Parker / Mrs Joanne Fields

Class 10: Miss Emma Matley

Class 11: Mr Paul Horsey

Class 12: Mr Tom Blackburn


Year 5 & Year 6

Class 13: Mrs Kattie Dixon

Class 14: Mr David Leadbeater

Class 15: Mrs Lyndsey Smith

Class 16: Miss Daisy Christie

Class 17: Mrs Paige Martin

Covering class 13 to class 17: Mrs Alison Best

Administration Staff

Bursar / Business Manager: Mr Richard Aaron

Administrators: Mrs Jo Drake / Mrs Lee Stead / Mrs Sarah Busby

Senior ICT Technician: Mr Paul Worsnop

Superintendent: Mr Dale Tumilty

Pastoral Staff

Family Support Lead / Designated Safeguarding Lead: Miss Collette Lawson

Family Support Assistant: Mrs Sue Handley

Support Staff


Miss Camile Grange, Miss Emma Howden



Haley Giliker, Amanda Lavery, Naoimi Baker, Zdenka Cisarova, Gurbux Panesar, Courtney Palmer-Moriarty


Year 1 & Year 2

Fiona Ivinson, Rebecca Tramantano, Lisa O’Brien, Kate Bedford, Zdenka Kissova, Kath Morris, Saiqa Hussain, Kirsty Oliver, Jasbir Sagoo, Rebecca Tramantano


Year 3 & Year 4

Fiona Ivinson, Janet Roberts, Debbie Langan, Sebastian Wedge, Mary Stead, Chris Dawson, Sue Bent


Year 5 & Year 6

Sam Dyer, David Middleton, Serena Byrne, Alison Best, Shona Cain, Ralitsa Yordanova

Curriculum Responsibilities

Art: Laurie McSkimmings, Sarah Appleton

ICT: Rebecca Watson, Paul Worsnop

Design Technology: Jack Waddell

English: Lisa McCaffrey, Kattie Dixon, Faye Ingleson, Paige Martin

French: Emma Matley

Geography: Lyndsey Smith

History: Paige Martin

Maths: Billy Waters, Daisy Christie, Alana Poole, Emily Schofield

Music: David Leadbeater, Nicole Le Brocq

PE: Tom Blackburn, Aiden Clipsham

PSHE: Collette Lawson, Rachel Hainsworth, Jack Waddell, Paul Horsey

RE / Worship: David Leadbeater, Jane Wainwright

School Council: Paul Horsey

Science: Stephanie Parker, Tom Emmerson, Joanne Fields

The Governing Body

The Headteacher – Mrs J Wainwright

One elected staff governor – Mrs L McCaffrey

One appointed local authority governor – Ms S Banks

One foundation governor – Mrs H Robinson

One associate governor - Miss C Lawson

Two elected parent governors – Mr K Ofeimu and Mrs T Adewuyi

Four co-opted governors – Mrs S Marston, Mrs S Meyrick, Mrs R Oseme and Mr M Singh Bal