At St Bartholomew’s, we pride ourselves on the scope and depth of our history teaching. Currently, the school uses Collins Connected History which provides children with in-depth studies of statutory curriculum areas. The resources provided allow for hands on and independent investigatory and enquiry work by our students.

Often, resources with the scheme (and those devised by teachers) are both picture and language based meaning strong differentiation for all ranges of ability. Some year groups use these studies to form their topic whilst other year groups use Collins Connected History as part of research projects within their study area. Furthermore, the school has recently become a member with Leeds City Museums. As part of the membership, the school is able to loan topic boxes with genuine, historical artefacts that can be used in the classroom and handled by pupils.

We believe this hands on experience can spark a lifetime of interest in history for our pupils. Our membership also offers twilight training for our staff members and annual museum trips for our pupils. Whilst teaching, our staff work as much as possible to incorporate local history into our studies. This includes: visiting local Victorian mills, local castles and exploring the impact of World War II in Leeds and other surrounding cities.


Please find the curriculum intent for History below:

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