At St Bartholomew’s, we pride ourselves on the scope and depth of our history teaching. Currently, the school uses Collins Connected History which provides children with in-depth studies of statutory curriculum areas. The resources provided allow for hands on and independent investigatory and enquiry work by our students.

Often, resources with the scheme (and those devised by teachers) are both picture and language based meaning strong differentiation for all ranges of ability. Some year groups use these studies to form their topic whilst other year groups use Collins Connected History as part of research projects within their study area. Furthermore, the school has recently become a member with Leeds City Museums. As part of the membership, the school is able to loan topic boxes with genuine, historical artefacts that can be used in the classroom and handled by pupils.

We believe this hands on experience can spark a lifetime of interest in history for our pupils. Our membership also offers twilight training for our staff members and annual museum trips for our pupils. Whilst teaching, our staff work as much as possible to incorporate local history into our studies. This includes: visiting local Victorian mills, local castles and exploring the impact of World War II in Leeds and other surrounding cities.

Curriculum - History

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Curriculum - History - The Great Fire of London

Year 2 had a visitor to support with their understanding of the Great Fire of London. Samuel Pepys friend explained how the fire started and spread, the children acted out being the fire to gain a greater understanding. They then had to be Londoners and pass water buckets to understand how the fire was attempted to be put out. The children had a fantastic day and learnt lots about the Great Fire of London and became part of the whole experience. 

We also looked at pictures that showed us why the fire spread during The Great Fire of London we then investigated the clues and came up with reasons why the fire spread so quickly. To end the topic we created a piece of artwork to replicate a street in London during 1666. The art work showed the style of houses and how close together the houses were. We have really enjoyed investigating The Great Fire of London and we have learnt lots of new things. 


Curriculum - History - Guy Fawkes Visit

We had a great day learning about why we celebrate bonfire night. Guy Fawkes came into school to perform an assembly to classes 4,5 and 6. The children were invited to act too. We learnt about the different people that were involved in the Gun powder plot and how the events happened. 

Later in the day, Guy Fawkes visited each class. This gave the children the opportunity to learn further information, ask questions and even write a secret message just like they had done in the plot. 

The children had a great time and learnt lots of facts.


Curriculum - History - Skipton Castle Trip

Year 2 had an amazing time at Skipton Castle, they learnt more information about the Battle of Hastings and how Skipton Castle was involved.

The children learnt about the drawbridge and murder hole to stop those entering the castle, the masons getting paid per brick and how the dungeons were made.


Curriculum - History - Black History Week

Year 2 learnt all about African Dancing in their Black History Week Workshop. 

Year 4 had a fantastic time learning about Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement for Black History Week. We have created our own oil pastel drawings of Rosa Parks and have written a biography about her life.


Curriculum - History - Pharaohs

Class 11 have had a fabulous time learning how to be an embalmer, learning about the process of mummifying our pharaohs . First of all, we cried for the pharaoh and pretended we were professional weepers - some of is took this role very seriously! We then created an incision to scoop their internal organs. We found out that if we really were Ancient Egyptians then we would keep their organs in a canopic jar. We learned that we needed to weigh the heart on a scale to make sure it was lighter than a feather. We were shocked to find out that every pharaoh was going to the underworld because their heart was not light enough. We then filled our pharaoh with natron (salt and bicarbonate of soda) and filled the rest of the sarcophagus with natron. Over the next few weeks, we will be recording what happens to our mummy and seeing if our predictions were right. We will them wrap it in bandages to finish the mummification process. 


Curriculum - History - Stone Age Workshop

Year 4 loved taking part in the Stone Age workshop. They got the opportunity to explore some Stone Age artefacts, including antlers for tools, flints, axes and knives. They also learnt how to trap and kill a woolly mammoth (Mr Horsey) and how to trade goods with other families or tribes. 


Curriculum - History - Remembrance Day

Year 4 created some superb Remembrance Day pictures.


Curriculum - History - The Titanic

We have enjoyed investigating whether a source is a primary or secondary source and also finding out facts about the Titanic from these sources.


Curriculum - History - City of Peace

In history we have been using a written primary source to draw what the ‘City of Peace’.


Curriculum - History - Holocaust Memorial Day

Well done to class 18 who marked Holocaust Memorial Day by creating memory candles to remember those who lost their lives.


Curriculum - History - Eden Camp Trip

Year 6 had an amazing day at Eden Camp. The children spent the day experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of life on the home front and the front line.


Curriculum - History - House of Wisdom

Year 6 enjoyed using their investigative skills in history. We looked at primary and secondary sources to find out why the House of Wisdom had such an impact on our lives today.