Music is a key part of the curriculum at St Bart’s. Every child has access to at least 45 minutes of quality music tuition every week. This is made up of a 30 minute class music lesson and a 15 minute whole school singing praise.

In class, children learn from the Charanga scheme of work and have access to a range of tuned and untuned instruments. Music is also encouraged across all other subjects, with a bank of over 150 theme based songs to help in the education of other subjects. Extra-curricular activities are also encouraged, with the school having a choir and keyboard club, as well as educational trips to watch concerts and join in with large school based ensembles. 


Please find the curriculum intent for Music below:

Curriculum - Music

Curriculum Useful Links - Music

Accuradio: a free radio station, full of a range of music organised by composer or genre. Find the World of Williams channel to hear a fantastic range of music from the movies that you love. 

BC Ten Pieces: 40 pieces of music, with accompanying videos, explaining the music and the composers. A fascinating look at how, and why the composers wrote the music and how the music works. 

Classical 100: 100 of the best pieces of classical music ever written. This free resource, (but you have to register) has been put together as pieces of music all children should have heard. Every piece of music also has a task to think about whilst you are listening or once you have heard it. 

BBC Bitesize: A great range of explanation videos, discussing everything you need to know about music, how it is written, performed and arranged. A great start when thinking about writing your own songs!