At St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary School, we want every child to be able to link, both mentally and spiritually with music in both collective worship and musical lessons. By listening to a wide variety of musical genres, and learning to sing and play many different songs throughout their time in school, we want children to develop a curiosity for music, encouraging them to develop their own musical passions outside of school. Using music and performance across the curriculum, will in turn increase children’s self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement, allowing our children to be happy in their learning and increase their enjoyment in school. By developing a strong base of music within school, children will be able to:

  • Perform, listen to, review and evaluate music.
  • Be taught to sing, create and compose music.
  • Understand and explore how music is created, produced and communicated.

As stated in the national curriculum. 

Curriculum - Music - Key Documents

Curriculum - Music - Useful Links

Accuradio: a free radio station, full of a range of music organised by composer or genre. Find the World of Williams channel to hear a fantastic range of music from the movies that you love. 

BBC Bitesize: A great range of explanation videos, discussing everything you need to know about music, how it is written, performed and arranged. A great start when thinking about writing your own songs! 

BC Ten Pieces: 40 pieces of music, with accompanying videos, explaining the music and the composers. A fascinating look at how, and why the composers wrote the music and how the music works. 

Classical 100: 100 of the best pieces of classical music ever written. This free resource, (but you have to register) has been put together as pieces of music all children should have heard. Every piece of music also has a task to think about whilst you are listening or once you have heard it. 

Curriculum - Music - Mary has a Little Lamb

Today we have learnt to sing and play 'Mary has a Little Lamb' on the glockenspiels. We hope you enjoy our performance. 


Curriculum - Music - Strumming Chords

Today we worked on understanding finger numbers and position when strumming chords. We practiced changing positions between chords we have learnt.


Curriculum - Music - Telling Stories

This week children in class 5 have been exploring telling stories through music. They looked at different short cartoons such as the Pink Panther and looked how the sound effects and music tell the story and show what the characters are doing. In groups of 4 the children made up their own short stretch and used percussion instruments to represent the actions and tell the story of what was happening. 


Curriculum - Music - Identifying Different Types of Music

Class 7 have been practising recognising different types of music. We focused on the drums and guitar in rock music, the strings and piano in classical music and the twang of the banjo and ukulele in country music. As you can see the more songs the class heard the better they got. 


Curriculum - Music - Eerie Canal

Well done to class 16 and 17 who performed Eerie Canal as part of our music curriculum this half term.


Curriculum - Music - Playing Glockenspiels

Class 7 have been working hard learning to play a piece of music on the glockenspiels. They have also copied each other’s repetitive rhythms, found the pulse in the music and performed with their heads held high. They are now working on identifying genres and the mood of a type of music. 


Curriculum - Music - The Recorder

Class 11 have been working hard learning the recorder. They have learnt how many beats in a bar, that a crotchet is 2 beats and a minim is 3 beats and what they look like on a stave. Please take a look at the video and admire the 2 tunes they have learnt. 


Curriculum - Music - The Music Man

In music, class 6 have been learning 'The Music Man'.


Curriculum - Music - The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Class 15 have been learning to sing the Fresh Prince of Belair. Here is their performance. Well done class 15!


Curriculum - Music - I Want to Play in a Band

Here is a performance of 'I want to play in a band' by class 7.


Curriculum - Music - Chord Practice

Today we practiced our C chord, A chord, F chord and G chord. We strummed rhythms for others to repeat. Then we practiced the different chords in pieces of music strumming in time. 


Curriculum - Music - The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Class 16 have been working hard this half term to practice and perform The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air with recorders.


Curriculum - Music - Freedom is Coming

Well done class 17 for working so hard on our new song this half-term: Freedom is Coming. The boys did an excellent job of leading us, and the girls excellently followed a choral echo. Well done to everyone for learning the glockenspiel and 2 boys for their drum beats.


Curriculum - Music - 'G' Chord and a 'Minor'

In class 9 we have been practicing the g chord and a minor. Safari and Kashish played along to a sea shanty and really impressed the rest of the class.


Curriculum - Music - Playing the Glockenspiel

Class 5 have worked hard to learn notes on the glockenspiel. We hope you enjoy the song. 


Curriculum - Music - Band School Visit

year 3 and year 4 loved our workshop with the band today. We got to conduct and perform our own music!


Curriculum - Music - Ukelele Lesson

Today we had our ukelele lesson. We practiced keeping a beat and playing the G chord.


Curriculum - Music - Warm Up Video

Here are class 16 doing their music warm up today.. They had to keep their movements to the beat while following actions to the tune of the fresh prince of bel-air.


Curriculum - Music - The Jive

This week in PE class 13 have learnt to Jive.


Curriculum - Music - Playing the Ukulele

Class 9 are really improving their ukulele playing. 

Curriculum - Music - Dreaming of Mars

Class 16 have enjoyed creating their own musical composition to the song, ‘Dreaming of Mars.’ 


Curriculum - Music - Various Songs

Class 7 have learnt different songs in music and they wanted to record this song for people to listen to.   


Curriculum - Music - 'Joyful, Joyful' Performance

Well done class 17 on a wonderful performance of Joyful Joyful from Sister Act! All the children worked hard on singing, dancing and playing the glockenspiel. We were a true gospel choir! 


Curriculum - Music - 'Ghost Parade' Performance

Class 14 have been practicing and rehearsing to be able to perform the song Ghost Parade. They have worked really hard to learn difficult glockenspiel parts as well as a challenging recorder line. It sounds brilliant, well done class 14.


Curriculum - Music - Glockenspiels (Y1)

Class 3 have been to play the glockenspiels in music lessons. We are starting to become much more confident and really enjoy playing them. 


Curriculum - Music - 'Music in My Soul' Performance

Children in class 5 have really enjoyed their music lessons this half term. They have worked hard on their singing performance of ‘Music in My Soul ‘.


Curriculum - Music - The Recorder

This year class 12 will be learning to play the recorder. Today we have learnt to play the note 'B' and hold the recorder correctly.


Curriculum - Music - Ukele 'F' Cord

Class 9 are really enjoying learning how to play the ukulele. This week we learnt how to play the F cord.


Curriculum - Music - Ukele Lessons


Curriculum - Music - The Ukele

In music today we learnt more about finding a beat and how to play the c chord on the ukele.


Curriculum - Music - Glockenspiels

Class 15 have enjoyed singing the song Ghost Parade and playing along using the glockenspiels we will add more instruments over the coming weeks. Well done class 15.


Curriculum - Music - Ukuleles

Year 3 have had a fabulous time learning the ukuleles for the first time! We learned how to hold the ukulele and copied some patterns back. We had a great time and we can’t wait for next week!


Curriculum - Music - Into the Sea

Year 1 enjoyed learning the words to the song 'Into the Sea'. They then played the glockenspiel along to the song and performed it.


Curriculum - Music - Performance Poetry

Class 4 have been learning about performance poetry. We have been learning the poem 'African Animals'. The children thought of actions to help them remember the poem and worked in groups to practice it before performing the poem to the rest of the class.


Curriculum - Music - Eurovision 2023

Here are our Eurovision 2023 music videos:


Curriculum - Music - Glokenspiels

Class 10 had a fantastic time learning to play the glockenspiel in music!


Curriculum - Music - Various Instruments

Year 3 had fun playing different instruments. We composed our own musical pieces using simple dots to tell us when it was our turn. 


Curriculum - Music - Great Musicians

The children have chosen which instruments they want to learn; the recorder or glockenspiel. The rock song we have learnt is all about respect and equality. We hope you enjoy!


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