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Policies and Procedures

Anti Bullying Policy
Updated: 10/07/2018 144 KB
Behaviour Policy
Updated: 10/07/2018 1003 KB
British Values and Ethos Policy
Updated: 10/07/2017 70 KB
Charging and Remissions Policy
Updated: 17/11/2017 220 KB
Complaints Policy
Updated: 24/07/2019 349 KB
Complaints Procedure
Updated: 28/02/2020 399 KB
Equality Policy
Updated: 25/07/2018 647 KB
Inclusion Policy
Updated: 27/02/2020 450 KB
Pupil Premium Policy
Updated: 07/08/2017 291 KB
SEND Local Offer
Updated: 09/01/2020 710 KB
SEND Parent Questionnaire
Updated: 12/09/2018 368 KB

GDPR Policies and Notices