In recent years, the school has invested money in computing, including a full time technician and class sets of laptops and iPads. The school follows the Rising Stars: Switched on Computing scheme for a timetabled slot each week.

Children in years 2-6 also have a timetabled slot for iPads to complete a session on Times Table Rockstars within school. Computing learning is also embedded in other curricular areas.  

Curriculum - Computing

Curriculum - Computing - Useful Links

Crickweb: Games to support EFYS development of ICT and computing skills. 

ICT in Schools: A bank of various digital sites used to support your childs learning across a range of subjects.

Kahoot: A website that uses ICT quizzes to further learning and test knowledge across different subjects. 

Scratch: Fully free to use Scratch online programming application. Students can create projects at home and actually access them at school to work on them at both locations. 


KS1 have been working very hard in our ICT lessons. We used 2 paint a picture to practice clicking and dragging. 


Year 1 have enjoyed learning about algorithms and programming in ICT. We have been using the Bee Bot app to practice using the algorithms.


Curriculum - Computing - Animation

Year 2 have been learning to use stop motion to create an animation. 

They researched the type of animation they could make, planned their animation on a story board, wrote a script, created backgrounds and props as well as filming, recording and editing their animation. This was all completed independently.  We are all very proud of the work they have created, check out the videos below:


We have our own Wikipedia server in school and year 4 have been working hard on their pages. They have been researching rainforest animals and learning how to create and edit their own Wikipedia page.


Years 2, 3 and 4 discussed the importance of staying safe online. They read a story that had lots of messages explaining how to be safe online.

Children then discussed how to behave online. Following the discussion we created an online safety poster. 


Curriculum - Computing - Scratch Programming

We have been making our own games using scratch!


Well done to 2 pupils in class 17 who produced fantastic PowerPoint presentations about the life of our late Queen Elizabeth II. They used animation, photographs and hyperlinks to create fantastic displays.


Class 15 have enjoyed the challenge of recording an algorithm for finding the smallest number of coins to make a given amount of change. Children worked in pairs to write a Scratch program to carry out the algorithm. Mr Needham was very impressed with their knowledge of Scratch!