In recent years, the school has invested money in computing, including a full time technician and class sets of laptops and iPads. The school follows the Rising Stars: Switched on Computing scheme for a timetabled slot each week.

Children in years 2-6 also have a timetabled slot for iPads to complete a session on Times Table Rockstars within school. Computing learning is also embedded in other curricular areas.  

Curriculum - Computing - Key Documents

Curriculum - Computing - Useful Links

Crickweb: Games to support EFYS development of ICT and computing skills. 

ICT in Schools: A bank of various digital sites used to support your childs learning across a range of subjects.

Kahoot: A website that uses ICT quizzes to further learning and test knowledge across different subjects. 

Scratch: Fully free to use Scratch online programming application. Students can create projects at home and actually access them at school to work on them at both locations. 

Curriculum - Computing - Stop Motion Videos

Year 2 have started a project on animation in computing, they made a film out of pencils using stop motion animation. They all did a fantastic job for their first attempt. Have a look! 


Curriculum - Computing - Lego Mindstorms Steering & Stopping

We have been developing the programs that we download to our robots. Some children have worked out how to make the robot steer and stop when it heads towards a static object.


Curriculum - Computing - Microsoft PowerPoint (Class 7)

Class 7 have created their own powerpoints about London. They had to choose a slide, type the heading about a London landmark and format it, changing its size and colour. Then they had to type with 2 hands, sentences about their landmark, which they created themselves. They then had to format this sentence. After deleting the text box they drew their landmarks using the scribble tool and the shapes provided. If they made a mistake they had to undo it with the undo button. Most of class 7 were able to complete these independently by the end of the term. Here are some examples.


Curriculum - Computing - Word Processing (MS Word)

In computing we have been practising our word processing skills. We have practised changing the font size and font style of our writing.


Curriculum - Computing - Learning Microsoft PowerPoint

In computing, class 6 have been busy creating a PowerPoint all about London. We have created a title page, changing the font and size of our heading. We then added a new slide and typed some information about Buckingham Palace.


Curriculum - Computing - Word Processing Practice

We have been practising our word processing skills. We typed some sentences and then changed the size of the font.


Curriculum - Computing - Lego Mindstorm Robots

Everyone in ICT club is enjoying building and programming the Lego Mindstorms Robots. Oliver and Olumide programmed their robot to stop when they clapped their hands! They then modified their instructions and programmed it to stop when it got to within 10 centimetres of the wall! Well done everyone.


Curriculum - Computing - Lego Mindstorms

In our first week of ICT club we have been working with Lego Mindstorms. These allow you to build and program five starter robot models. A programmable power brick, plus servo motors and color, touch, and infrared sensors. Once they are built we will be using the laptops to program the robot.


Curriculum - Computing - Morse Code

Class 17 have had fun learning morse code with torches this week. We sent messages to each other and answered questions in morse code. 


Computing - ICT Club - Micro:bit Activities

It was our final week of ICT club and children were given a choice of what to program the micro:bit to do. There were 3 different worksheets that children worked independently from:

  • Night Light
  • Beating Heart
  • Activity Picker

Everyone at the club successfully programmed their microbit to work. Well done!

Curriculum - Computing - Photo Editing

In computing, class 6 have loved taking photos and editing them! We have learned different techniques to edit, such as cropping, adding filters and adjusting brightness. 


Curriculum - Computing - Cryptography (Class 17)

Class 17 loved our first cryptography lesson on secret Semaphone messages.


Curriculum - Computing - Microbits (Die and Music)

This week in ICT club children worked independently from worksheets. They had a choice of programming the Micro:bit so it could be used as a die or to play some music. All the children have worked hard and had success when programming in Python code. Well done everyone!


Curriculum - Computing - Beebot Maps

We have been using the Beebots again this week. We have been trying really hard to programme them to go from one point of the map to another. It’s a bit tricky but we are not giving up!


Curriculum - Computing - Cracking Code

Class 16 have been looking at different ways to crack codes. Today we were using morse code to send and receive messages.


Curriculum - Computing - Micro:bit Magic 8 Ball

In ICT club we have continued to work on Python programming.

This week we created a magic 8 ball and successfully transferred the code onto the Micro:bit.


Curriculum - Computing - Methods for Communication

In computing we were finding out about the different methods for communication .We practised cracking codes using semaphore.


Curriculum - Computing - Micro:bits & Python Programming

In ICT club we have been learning how to use Micro:bits. We have started to learn the basics of Python programming and then copied the code to the Micro:bit so it displayed text and an image.


Curriculum - Computing - Cryptography

Our new topic in computing Is cryptography. This week, we looked at communicating using the semaphore flags. The children had fun trying to send secret messages to their friends. 


Curriculum - Computing - Beebots

Year 1 - In computing we have been learning about algorithms. We have been programming Beebots to follow a sequence of instructions in order to move around the table.


Curriculum - Computing - Programming

Class 7 have been working really hard in computing becoming programmers. They chose their own background and sprites, programmed the sprite to move by writing an algorithm then de-bugged it if it didn’t work.

Curriculum - Computing - Scratch Football Game

Here is a great game developed in scratch by Peter in class 14.


Curriculum - Computing - Wordpress Page Breaks and Extra Features

We have been learning about how to add page breaks in WordPress. This helps to break up a long blog post over more than one page. We have also been experimenting with other features of WordPress such as adding spacers and creating lists.


Curriculum - Computing - WordPress Comments and Website Links

In ICT club this week we have been continuing to work on our blogs. This week we learnt how to create a link to another website. We also had a discussion about the importance of been kind when commenting on the internet. We then read each others blogs and commented on them. Well done everyone.


Curriculum - Computing - Feature Images on WordPress

This week In ICT club we continued to work on our WordPress blogs. We learnt how to set a feature image so that our blogs look more attractive on the homepage screen. We also learnt how to use the snipping tool to copy images.


Curriculum - Computing - WordPress Introduction

In ICT club we have been learning about WordPress and how we can use it to create our own blog. The children have chosen a topic that they want to create a blog for, have typed out their first few sentences and also learnt how to insert an image onto the blog. Companies such as Disney and Facebook use WordPress and over 40% of websites on the internet were developed using it.


Curriculum - Computing - Online Maths Games

In our computing lesson today we researched online maths games. 


Curriculum - Computing - Programming

Class 7 have started a new term of computing learning how to become programmers. They created an algorithm (set of instructions), tested these for bugs (problems) and debugged their algorithm (fixed the problems) to get their robot from the carpet to the classroom door.


Curriculum - Computing - Word Processing Skills (KS1)

In class 6, we have been learning word processing skills in our computing sessions. We have learnt how to login to the laptops and have been using Microsoft Word to produce a word document all about ourselves. We have learnt how to use the keyboard, how to correct spelling mistakes, how to save and open a document and how to edit the colour and size of text. 


Curriculum - Computing - Word Processing Skills

Class 9 have been practicing their word processing skills. 


Curriculum - Computing - Digital Literacy Skills

Year 2 have been working hard in computing practicing their digital literacy skills. Typing with 2 hands, changing fonts and just generally typing all about themselves. They can even all log on themselves.


Curriculum - Computing - Scratch Pupil Game

Class 15 - Alex has his own scratch account at home and has made this game in his own time. He has worked really hard on it showing off his computing skills, well done Alex!

Play his game here:


Curriculum - Computing - Game Planning

Class 13 enjoyed discussing different games they play and what works well with them.  Children then planned their own games thinking about what makes games enjoyable and what rules they would have for their games. Mr Needham was very impressed with how the children discussed and shared their ideas. Well done class 13!


Curriculum - Computing - Learn with Emile

Year 5 and year 6 have been exploring the spelling area within Emile today during their computing lessons. 


Curriculum - Computing - Stop Motion

Year 2 have been working extremely hard on their stop motion videos all about the seaside. They have created story boards, backgrounds, props, moved their character inch by inch taking photos each time, editing and improving and adding audio to bring their videos to life.


Curriculum - Computing - Road Safety

Class 13 have been learning all about road safety. They used the Stop Motion app on the iPads to create a video.


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