In recent years, the school has invested money in computing, including a full time technician and class sets of laptops and iPads. The school follows the Rising Stars: Switched on Computing scheme for a timetabled slot each week.

Children in years 2-6 also have a timetabled slot for iPads to complete a session on Times Table Rockstars within school. Computing learning is also embedded in other curricular areas.  

Curriculum - Computing - Key Documents

Curriculum - Computing - Useful Links

Crickweb: Games to support EFYS development of ICT and computing skills. 

ICT in Schools: A bank of various digital sites used to support your childs learning across a range of subjects.

Kahoot: A website that uses ICT quizzes to further learning and test knowledge across different subjects. 

Scratch: Fully free to use Scratch online programming application. Students can create projects at home and actually access them at school to work on them at both locations. 

Curriculum - Computing - Scratch Pupil Game

Class 15 - Alex has his own scratch account at home and has made this game in his own time. He has worked really hard on it showing off his computing skills, well done Alex!

Play his game here:


Curriculum - Computing - Game Planning

Class 13 enjoyed discussing different games they play and what works well with them.  Children then planned their own games thinking about what makes games enjoyable and what rules they would have for their games. Mr Needham was very impressed with how the children discussed and shared their ideas. Well done class 13!


Curriculum - Computing - Learn with Emile

Class 13 have been exploring the spelling area within Emile today during our computing lesson. 


Curriculum - Computing - Stop Motion

Year 2 have been working extremely hard on their stop motion videos all about the seaside. They have created story boards, backgrounds, props, moved their character inch by inch taking photos each time, editing and improving and adding audio to bring their videos to life.


Curriculum - Computing - Road Safety

Class 13 have been learning all about road safety. They used the Stop Motion app on the iPads to create a video.


Curriculum - Computing - Safety Week

Class 7 have enjoyed safety week, they have learnt about rail safety, staying safe around trains and their tracks. Road safety, how to cross the road and wearing a seatbelt in the car. E-safety, how to stay safe online, not sharing their information, always telling a trusted adult and knowing when to stop watching online content.


Curriculum - Computing - Stop Animation Films

Class 14 have been creating their own stop animation films today. some worked with paper others used plasticine to create their work. They all worked really hard and have produced some lovely work.


Curriculum - Computing - Climate Change Videos

Class 14 have been learning how to edit videos and have made a short advert to inform people about some of the major issues facing the Earth and people living through hard times. Have a watch and see some of the futures news reporters! Well done class 14.


Curriculum - Computing - Wikipedia Pages

We have our own Wikipedia server in school that allows pupils to create their own Wikipedia pages. Class 12 have been working hard creating information pages all about Tudor kings and queens.


Curriculum - Computing - Popplet

Class 7 have used the information they gained in English today to create a spider diagram on popplet.


Curriculum - Computing - Powerpoint Presentations

Class 11 have been creating presentations all about ourselves. We have thought about e safety and that there should be no personal information in our slides, but talked about our earliest memories at home and at school and our hobbies and interests. Some of the children presented theirs to the class. 


Curriculum - Computing - Wordpress Comments

Year 5 and year 6 have been learning more about Wordpress.

They have been commenting on each others blogs and can now see the importance of been kind when communicating with people online.

On their blogs, some children have also pointed out the importance of checking links so you can try and identify spam comments or emails. Very impressive!


Curriculum - Computing - Wordpress Blogs

Year 5 and year 6 have been creating their own blog posts about online safety using Wordpress. In school we have our own Wordpress server and each pupil has their own login credentials. The children are learning how to use what is fast becoming one of the worlds most recognisable web design tools. Wordpress is used by over 40% of websites on the internet!


Curriculum - Computing - Microsoft Word

Class 6 have used the laptops in our computing lesson. We have used Microsoft Word to type sentences, then changed the font, size and colour. 


Curriculum - Computing - Editing Pictures / Uploading to the Cloud

Class 6 are really enjoying their Computing learning this half term - 'I Am a Photographer'. We have been taking lots of pictures of ourselves and classroom objects and editing them by cropping, adding filters and changing the brightness. We have also learnt how to create folders and upload our photos to Google Drive.


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