St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary School is extremely lucky to have such a diverse culture within the school. Through the teachings of RE, we want every child to understand the different religious beliefs held by their peers within school. In doing so, we want all children to leave us knowing how important understanding is to living a fulfilled and happy life. 

As RE is a central subject in our curriculum, we aim to develop children’s curiosity about different beliefs and in doing so, develop their own cultural, spiritual, moral and social beliefs. 

We aim to enable learners to identify why religious beliefs influence people’s behaviours, allowing them to be positive towards people who hold a different belief to their own. This in turn will let pupil’s be able to become more aware of their own beliefs and values, allowing them to choose their own spiritual and cultural journey. 

Curriculum - Religious Education

Curriculum - Religious Education - Useful Links


Prophets Mosque

Virtual Mosque


Curriculum - Religious Education - Eid

Class 15 loved making Eid cards for their friends and families. Everyone in class 15 would like to say Eid Mubarak to all the people celebrating Eid over the next few days.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Ramadan

Class 4 were very lucky to have one of our children's parents come into class to talk about Ramadan. The children learned lots of information about this important celebration and then completed some activities.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Church Visit

Years 3 & 4 visited church as part of our RE topic. We enjoyed completing a scavenger hunt and looking at the features of a church.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Bhangra Dancing

Class 10 have been learning about how people express their faith in different forms. We learned about how Vaisakhi is celebrated, which is a festival observed in Punjab similar to a harvest festival. We learned how people express themselves through Bhangra dancing and had a go at it ourselves - even the adults! A massive well done to the children, who managed to master it much more successfully than Miss Matley and Mr Wedge!


Curriculum - Religious Education - Sikhism

This week in class 9 we have been looking at Sikhism and how music is a big part of how Sikhs worship and learn. We listened to Sikh music and learned this dance. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Jesus

Class 15 enjoyed learning about Jesus’s life, death and resurrection. Children looked at various sources and created their own version of retelling the story.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Hannah Dunnett

We looked at Christian artist Hannah Dunnett and have begun creating our own art in the same style.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Baptism

In class 6 we have been learning about how Christians celebrate baptism. We looked at lots of photos of what happens at a baptism and had the chance to look at some of the special objects, such as a candle, christening gown and baptism certificates. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Weekly Worship

Class 15 enjoyed completing the task set by Mrs Wainwright. In class children had to reflect and discuss how they would feel if they were lost and then found.  Children used the bible story about the lost sheep to help them. Mr Needham was very impressed with the work completed and the discussions that took place. Well done class 15!


Curriculum - Religious Education - The Lost Sheep

In RE, year 2 explored the story of "The Lost Sheep" and completed different activities linked to the story, including decorating cupcakes, making our own sheep, sequencing the story and writing a note telling someone why we loved them.


Curriculum - Religious Education - The 10 Commandments

Class 8 have been looking at the 10 commandments and what's important to them.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Gideon Bible

Year 6 enjoyed a talk from two special visitors talking about Gideon bibles. All the children then received their own Gideon bible. Thank you to the visitors for taking the time to talk about the Gideon bible.

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