St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary School is extremely lucky to have such a diverse culture within the school. Through the teachings of RE, we want every child to understand the different religious beliefs held by their peers within school. In doing so, we want all children to leave us knowing how important understanding is to living a fulfilled and happy life. 

As RE is a central subject in our curriculum, we aim to develop children’s curiosity about different beliefs and in doing so, develop their own cultural, spiritual, moral and social beliefs. 

We aim to enable learners to identify why religious beliefs influence people’s behaviours, allowing them to be positive towards people who hold a different belief to their own. This in turn will let pupil’s be able to become more aware of their own beliefs and values, allowing them to choose their own spiritual and cultural journey. 

Right to Withdraw

As a large multicultural church school we hope that all children join our worship which covers themes that are relevant to all children and adults regardless of faith and beliefs. If you would like to withdraw your child from worship you must put it in writing and discuss it with Mrs Wainwright.

Curriculum - Religious Education - Key Documents

Curriculum - Religious Education - Useful Links


Prophets Mosque

Virtual Mosque

Curriculum - Religious Education - Gurdwara Visit

To celebrate Multi-Cultural Week, students visited the local mosque. 

The children learned more about Islam and how Eid is celebrated. The Imam explained his role within the mosque, and the children were given the opportunity to ask questions.


Curriculum - Religious Education - How Christian's Pray

In RE we have been looking at how Christian’s pray and what they do when they pray. In this weeks lesson we focused on the physical strand from the oracy framework and we wrote our own prayer.  


Curriculum - Religious Education - The Lords Prayer

In class 6, we have been learning about the Lord's Prayer in RE.


Curriculum - Religious Education - The 5 Pillars

To end our topic on Islam and the five pillars the children presented information about each pillar. The children had improved in their confidence speaking in front of the class and were clear and concise. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Parent Visitor (EID)

Year 2 had a visit from Mrs Albalki who taught the children all about Eid and Ramadan. She taught the children why Muslims celebrate Eid, how they celebrate and when it occurs. She also told them all about fasting in Ramadan, how it reminds them of those who don’t have food and helps remind them to give to charity. The children loved learning more about Eid and enjoyed the information coming from a parent. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Forgiveness

Classes 16 and 17 looked at forgiveness and completed an Oracy lesson on whether Michael Watson should forgive Chris Eubank.  Children used talk tokens to discuss the aftermath of the fight and how good things came from the fight, such as Watson and Eubank becoming friends and how safety improved for boxers at boxing events.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Ramadan

Today we have had a parent to come to speak to us about Ramadan. It was very informative and everyone, including Mr Horsey, learnt a lot. Some children also passed on their experiences with Ramadan and Eid. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - The 5 Pillars of Islam

This week in RE we have looked at the 5 pillars of Islam. The children worked in groups to research a pillar and presented their findings to the class.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Islam

Class 11 have been looking at the Islamic religion. They have been given the names of the 5 pillars and have been tasked with researching what they mean and stands for. We are lucky to have several children from the Islamic faith with us and made sure yet we’re working in separate groups. The children then presented what they had found out. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Peacemakers

This week in RE, year 5 have written how to be peacemakers on leaves and created a peace tree.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Breaking Rules

Class 6's RE lesson this week had an oracy focus. We were working on the physical aspect of the oracy framework, focusing on making sure our voices are loud enough to be heard. We created mini performances about somebody breaking a rule, then discussed what would be different if we had a positive role model to show us how to make the right choices.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Baptism

In class 6, we have been learning about the importance of baptism to Christians. We have looked at different items important for baptism, such as a candle and christening gown. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Values

Class 13 writing down values they live by and the actions that come along with it.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Carol Service at Church

This years Worship Council have had the opportunity to work with Mr Leadbeater to produce a wonderful Carol Service at church today. They led the service in front of the whole of KS2 and some parents. Along side the Worship Council, Mr Leadbeater has been working hard with this years choir, who have performed outside of school quite a few times already this year. Today, they showed off all they have learnt with a wonderful performance at the service. Well done to all the children, and thanks goes to Mr Leadbeater for all his hard work (and organ playing). 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Christmas & Church

Today we decorated Christmas decorations whilst we practiced our hymns for our church service tomorrow. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Advent

In RE, class 6 really enjoyed learning about advent and making their own advent wreaths.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Diwali 2023

This week we have continued our Celebration topic by learning all about the Hindu celebration Diwali - The Festival of Light. The children made their own Diya lamps and decorations to celebrate.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Jesus Calms the Storm

Well done class 17 on re-creating Jesus Calms the Storm in some very inventive ways. We understood how much trust the disciples needed to have in Jesus.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Diwali Workshop

Year 1 enjoyed taking part in the Diwali workshop. We learned all about Diwali and how it is celebrated. The children looked at Diya lamps and then painted their own Diya lamp. In the afternoon, the children learned a Bollywood Dance and performed it in front of some parents and grandparents. We learned about Diwali from Miss Riyat, who was kind enough to bring some Diwali objects into school and explain to the children what they were used for.


Curriculum - Religious Education - The Lost Sheep

In RE, we have been exploring the parable of The Lost Sheep in class 6. After watching and reading the story, we completed a carousel of activities including creating sheep pictures, retelling and performing the story and writing notes to loved ones.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Harvest Festival

A lovely Harvest Festival in church with all the KS2 children. Thank you to everyone who donated “just one thing” for our harvest collection. The food will be generously donated to families in the local area that need extra support over the colder winter period. It was also lovely for the year 3 children to be in church for the first time. They were lucky enough to stay behind after to have a look around and hear the brilliant organ played not so brilliantly!


Curriculum - Religious Education - Collective Worship Songs

Here are class 13 singing a collection of worship songs.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Collective Worship Song (Class 16)

Class 16 have worked hard at creating a song based off of our St Bart’s characteristics for worship this week.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Collective Worship Song (Class 17)

Well done class 17 on a wonderful thankfulness song.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Older Religions

Class 11 have started looking at some older religions and how they all had a sun god to worship. They have looked at Ra, from Ancient Egypt, Huitzilopochtli and Quetzalcoatl from Aztecs and Apollo from Ancient Greeks. They used iPads to research more information about them and will write up all the facts in a fact file next week. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Singing Hymns

We enjoyed singing our hymns in our collective worship at the end of the day. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Worship Council Assembly

The Worship Council helped lead worship in the hall for years 1-3.  They met beforehand and planned what they were going to do.  The theme was around thankfulness, our half termly focus and they explored how we should be thankful for our food and that some children in England and around the world are not as fortunate.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Religious Festivals

Class 11 have been looking at different festivals celebrated across a variety of religions. This week we looked at the Hindu festival of Diwali. We thought about the story of Rama and Sita from last week and looked at how Hindus celebrate this time. We then made our own colourful Diwali lamps. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Diwali

In RE this week we have been finding out all about Diwali and how it is celebrated. The children then made these amazing lamps.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Sun God Mythology

This week in RE class 12 have been researching sun god mythology, we will then use this information to create leaflets next week. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Celebrating Diwali

Class 10 have been learning about the festival of Diwali. We then made our own Diva lamps and talked about their significance in the story of Rama and Sita. We talked about how fun it was learning about different beliefs and enjoyed talking about some of the festivals celebrated by children and families in our class.


Curriculum - Religious Education - The Story of Rama and Sita

Class 11 have enjoy the reenactment of the story of Rama and Sita. Sita was kidnapped by the demon king Ravana and imprisoned. Luckily, with a bit of help from the monkey king and his army of monkeys, Rama was able to kill the king and rescue Sita. They followed the villagers burning oil lamps to guide them home. This was the start of the festival of Diwali for Hindus.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Morning Worship

Class 16 singing in assembly. We have been thinking about who and what we are thankful for.


Curriculum - Religious Education - The Teachings of Jesus

In RE, class 6 have been learning all about the teachings of Jesus. We read the parable of the Feeding of the 5000, before creating beautiful water colour illustrations to represent the story. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Ceremonies

Our RE topic this half term is ‘How are important events remembered in ceremonies?' This week we have been looking at the story of Hanukkah and the Maccabee’s. We sequenced the events from the story, retold the most important parts and discussed the message that is given. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Collective Worship

Class 13 have loved being back in school and getting to know their new class. They have enjoyed collective worship this week and wanted to share a song to show how proud they are to be part of St. Bartholomew’s. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Special Places

Class 15 have been looking at the place that is special to them. They have produced some lovely work and worked hard on their pieces. 


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