St Bartholomew’s C of E Primary School is extremely lucky to have such a diverse culture within the school. Through the teachings of RE, we want every child to understand the different religious beliefs held by their peers within school. In doing so, we want all children to leave us knowing how important understanding is to living a fulfilled and happy life. 

As RE is a central subject in our curriculum, we aim to develop children’s curiosity about different beliefs and in doing so, develop their own cultural, spiritual, moral and social beliefs. 

We aim to enable learners to identify why religious beliefs influence people’s behaviours, allowing them to be positive towards people who hold a different belief to their own. This in turn will let pupil’s be able to become more aware of their own beliefs and values, allowing them to choose their own spiritual and cultural journey. 

Curriculum - Religious Education

Curriculum - Religious Education - Useful Links


Prophets Mosque

Virtual Mosque


Curriculum - Religious Education - Churches

Year 1 have been learning about churches and stain glass windows. We made our own stain glass windows using tissue paper.


Curriculum - Religious Education - Diwali

Mrs Sagoo visited classes in KS1 to talk about how she celebrates Diwali with her family and friends. Children really enjoyed learning about why Diwali is celebrated around the world. They asked questions and found out about special artefacts and objects associated with this celebration.


Curriculum - Religious Education - David & Goliath

Class 14 enjoyed drawing story boards of David and Goliath.


Curriculum - Religious Education - King Saul

Year 5 learnt about the story of King Saul in RE. They compared it to the story of Moses and fleeing Egypt then acted out the story. 


Curriculum - Religious Education - Sikh Gurdwara Virtual Tour

We have been taking a virtual tour of a Sikh Gurdwara. We also had the added bonus of our very own tour guide, who was able to tell us all about life and worship in a Gurdwara! We took turns asking questions, described what we could see and wrote down questions we would ask a tour guide if we were there.