At St Bartholomew’s, we have designed our own art curriculum. We have done this to allow for lots of organic links with other areas of the curriculum.

Each phase in school looks at a range of artistic topics over a two year cycle. Every year group covers key skills in drawing and painting and then cover a selection of the following: Sculpture, printing, collage and textiles. Year groups then have a range of key skills and understanding to teach the children to ensure they cover all of the objectives from the national curriculum.

Our children each have their own art sketchbook which follows them up through school, tracking their progress as they go through each year group. Children also have an art assessment file, where they produce a self portrait each year to show how much they are improving as they get older.  

Curriculum - Art - Key Documents

Curriculum - Art - Useful Links

Art for Kids Hub - Art lessons (How to draw for kids)

Tate Kids - Play free art games and fun quizzes, find art activities, read about artists and share your art.

Curriculum - Art - Underwater Scenes

Class 7 created art work for environment day based on the theme clean our oceans. Pupils drew a underwater scene and used recycled materials to collage their art work. 


Curriculum - Art - Re-Using String

As part of World Environment Day class 13 have re-used string and magazines to make jewellery. Take a look!


Curriculum - Art - Dyeing Material (C7)

In art class 7 have been dying material, the pupils then used this material and others in their weaving. Pupils have worked hard to make sure they weave over and under, changing the pattern after each piece of material. This is our work so far. 


Curriculum - Art - Dyeing Material

In art, class 6 have prepared and dyed some material, ready for weaving with!


Curriculum - Art - Mono Prints

Class 13 have enjoyed learning how to make a mono print today. They traced and transferred their image onto styro foam and them printed in the style of Andy Warhol. Well done class 13! 


Curriculum - Art - Weaving

Year 2 have been practicing their weaving skills in art. Learning to go over under, alternating the layers. Some pupils have even managed a repeating pattern. They are also learning all about Lucy Poskitt this half term. We are going to be dying material and using it to weave a seaside scene. 


Curriculum - Art - Andy Warhol Style Selfies

This half term we will be focusing on pop art and print. The artist we will be using for our inspiration is Andy Warhol with a Greek twist. The children completed their Warhol style selfies this week. 


Curriculum - Art - The 3 Primary Colours

In art, we have been learning about the 3 primary colours. We talked about how we cannot make these colours by mixing other colours together. We then experimented mixing the primary colours to make secondary colours.


Curriculum - Art - Dreamcatchers

Class 10 worked really hard to create their dreamcatchers. We first researched the origin of dreamcatchers, and enjoyed learning about Amazonian tribes. We then practiced our weaving skills in preparation for making them. We showed resilience when attaching beads and feathers.


Curriculum - Art - Sculptures

Class 4 learned about the sculpture Francois Pompon. We looked at the different sculptures that he created. The children enjoyed recreating his polar bear sculpture.


Curriculum - Art - Ocean Pollution

Year 5 and 6 have completed their ocean pollution topic and made their sea creatures from single use plastics. We took inspiration from the brilliant sculptor Angela Haseltine Pozzi and our Fabulous trip to The Deep in Hull. I think you can agree they look turtally awsome. The children have had  making their sculptures, while learning the importance of reducing single use plastic in their lives. Great job year 5 and 6!


Curriculum - Art - Sea Sculptures

Class 14 have started their amazing sea creature sculptures using plastics that could potentially end up in the oceans killing and hurting sea life. Great work class 14.


Curriculum - Art - Francois Pompon

We have been learning about sculpture and the French artist Francois Pompon. We practised the different clay modelling skills.


Curriculum - Art - Experimenting with Clay

Class 5 had a wonderful time experimenting with clay today. We learned how to make a ball, roll it in to a snake and many more ways to mould the clay. 


Curriculum - Art - Jesse Treece

Class 7 have been learning about the artist Jesse Treece in art. They have learnt about collage and how to layer different media. The pupils then discovered how best to collage, should they cut or tear their media and what shape should they use and in what order? They will then apply what they have learnt when they create their final piece. 


Curriculum - Art - Activism Art Displays

Our Bartsy activism art is now proudly on display. Arianna was very happy that Bartsy took time out to sign hers for her. She took it home for safe keeping and said she would treasure it. Our Bartsy activism art has also been placed around school to spread a positive message. From Mrs Wainwright’s office to the Boys and Girls toilets, the dinner hall, our water coolers and recycle bins. Even Mr Worsnop has one in his office warning of the dangers of AI.


Curriculum - Art - Remembrance Day Art

Class 7 have been thinking about Remembrance Day, we have discussed what it means to us, what it means to our families and other families. We have watched videos and created poems and art work to support this.  


Curriculum - Art - Bartsy Banksy

Bartsy met with Mr Dawson over the holidays! He was very impressed with all the children’s work! He’s signed a piece especially for Ariana and stamped the rest of your art. Look out for yours popping up around school! Well done year 5 and 6 we are all proud of you!


Curriculum - Art - Banksy Activism

Class 15 have finished their Banksy inspired piece of activism art this week. They have risen to the challenge that Bartsy set them and produced some fabulous work. Their art will be popping up in various areas of school over the coming weeks once Bartsy has judged their work.


Curriculum - Art - Leeds Town Hall Scratchings

Class 11 have been looking at L S Lowry I’m at this half team. Last week the children scratched the iconic Leeds Town Hall bulletin and this week used a copy of the sketch to add colour using similar colours to those Lowry would have used. We will finish them off next week.


Curriculum - Art - Dog Skeleton

The children have enjoyed accessing the doctors surgery in class 4. Oliver used art straws to create the dog skeleton from Funny Bones. 


Curriculum - Art - Graffiti

Year 6 have been working hard to finish the final pieces for art. They have built up the skills over this week and are now creating their final graffiti art piece.


Curriculum - Art - Leonid Afremov

This week in art we are still looking at the artist Leonid Afremov. We are now experimenting with different media to decide which media we think will work the best to produce a piece of art that looks similar to Leonid’s. 


Curriculum - Art - Bartsy Banksy

Year 5 and 6 have been studying the art of Banksy along with the theme of activism this half term. We've looked at lots of different street art along with the work of local artist The Burley Banksy. This week we have had a message from our very own 'Bartsy Banksy' who has set the children a challenge! We can't wait to see what the children create.


Curriculum - Art - LS Lowry

Class 9 have been painting our drawings of Leeds Town Hall, in the style of L.S Lowry. 


Curriculum - Art - Castles

In class 6, we followed a drawing tutorial in our art lesson to create our own castle picture. 


Curriculum - Art - Colour Mixing

Reception has been experimenting with colour mixing! Using the powder paint to combine the colours and see which new colour they had then made! 


Curriculum - Art - Leeds Town Hall

Year 3 have been drawing the outline of Leeds Town Hall. We have been looking at how to add perspective so that it looks further away. 


Curriculum - Art - Primary & Secondary Colours

In year two we have studied the artist Leonid Afremov we have experimented with primary colours to make secondary colours and we have looked at tone, tint and shade. We have now started to create our own work in the style of Leonid. We have started with the background. We can’t wait to see the finished pictures. 


Curriculum - Art - Exploring Colour

Class 7 have been working hard in art exploring colour. They have been learning about making colours lighter by adding tints or white and colours darker by adding shades of black. Keep an eye out for our final master pieces. 


Curriculum - Art - Stencils

We have been experimenting with stencils. The children cut their own shapes and pictures, then used sponges to create both negative and positive stencils. This is how Banksy creates his pictures on the walls around Britain. Well done class 14!


Curriculum - Art - Using Stencils

Class 15 enjoyed making stencils and creating a picture. They used stencil like Banksy does to create his artwork.


Curriculum - Art - Author Visit

A brilliant workshop on how to draw your character in your story. The children had so much fun and their drawings were amazing! Well done year 5. 


Curriculum - Art - Lettering Styles

Year 5 and year 6 have worked hard this week learning different lettering styles ready for their Bansky piece. Their favourite style was the drip wording.


Curriculum - Art - Street Art

Classes 13 and 14 have started a new art topic on street art. We are using the artist Banksy as our inspiration. This week the children have enjoyed making a scrap book page of Banksy's art explaining what they have learnt and their opinions on the it.


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