At St Bartholomew’s, we have designed our own art curriculum. We have done this to allow for lots of organic links with other areas of the curriculum.

Each phase in school looks at a range of artistic topics over a two year cycle. Every year group covers key skills in drawing and painting and then cover a selection of the following: Sculpture, printing, collage and textiles. Year groups then have a range of key skills and understanding to teach the children to ensure they cover all of the objectives from the national curriculum.

Our children each have their own art sketchbook which follows them up through school, tracking their progress as they go through each year group. Children also have an art assessment file, where they produce a self portrait each year to show how much they are improving as they get older.  

Curriculum - Art

Curriculum - Art - Useful Links

Art for Kids Hub - Art lessons (How to draw for kids)

Tate Kids - Play free art games and fun quizzes, find art activities, read about artists and share your art.


Curriculum - Art - Portraits

Year 1 created self portraits in the style of Picasso.


Curriculum - Art - Lucy Poskitt

Year 2 have had a great time researching a famous artist. We have looked at Lucy Poskitt, she has made some fantastic pieces using weaving. We then had ago at weaving using the giant loom. It was a lot harder then we expected.


Curriculum - Art - The Great Fire of London

Year 2 - To end our history topic ‘The Great Fire of London’ we created a piece of artwork to replicate a street in London during 1666. The art work showed the style of houses and how close together the houses were. We have really enjoyed investigating The Great Fire of London and we have learnt lots of new things. 


Curriculum - Art - Mosaics & Collages

Year 2 have been learning about mosaic and collage in art. Through their topic of The Great Fire of London they have created a mosaic of London and collaged the fire over the top. Here are some pieces of our art work. 


Curriculum - Art - Castles

Here are some of year 2’s final pieces of artwork. They tested, then chose their own media to draw the castle in. 


Curriculum - Art - LS Lowry

Year 3 have been looking at the works of the artist LS Lowry. They created their own pieces of art work in his style.


Curriculum - Art - Mosaics

Year 4 have been practising different mosaic skills in art. 


Curriculum - Art - Block Printing

Year 5 have experimented with block printing. First, we practiced our technique testing different amounts of ink. Next, we tried out repeated patterns. We are so happy with our results!


Curriculum - Art - Banksy

Year 5 have been looking at the artist Banksy and created their own graffiti tags for their graffiti gallery.


Curriculum - Art - Shading

We enjoyed recapping over skills developed in past art lessons before putting these skills into practice by drawing our own wall using different shading techniques.


Curriculum - Art - Natural Disaster Collages

Year 6 have been creating their own collage art based on our topic of natural disasters!


Curriculum - Art - Landscape Pictures

Year 6 have enjoyed starting to recreate landscape pictures by David Hockney. Keep an eye out for the final masterpieces! 


Curriculum - Art - Islamic Tiles

Year 6 have been making Islamic style tiles in art. They have enjoyed making and designing them with clay and then painting them.


Curriculum - Art - British War Artists

Year 6 have been studying famous drawing and art from the British official war artists. They used different skills to complete photographs of houses both past and present.