Nursery - Book Bus Trip

Image of Nursery - Book Bus Trip

The children really enjoyed their first trip to the bus. We went to the upper level and listened to stories.

After that we had time to explore the vehicle and look at the books. We are very proud of our children who walked sensibly to the bus and back.

Well done!

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Nursery - Ducklings

Image of Nursery - Ducklings

Last Tuesday we received 5 eggs. We kept them in an incubator. 

We did not have to wait long as on Wednesday five of the eggs cracked and we observed 5 beautiful ducklings hatching. The yellow one is an escapee so we needed to be careful when cleaning the cage. On Thursday they all have been…

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Nursery - Learning about Growing

Image of Nursery - Learning about Growing

This half term in nursery we have been learning all about growing. 

We have learnt about seeds and plants so far. The children have been very busy helping to create our Nursery garden. We have started by planting beans in small groups and now we are watching them grow. 

We also planted beans…

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Nursery - Science Week

Image of Nursery - Science Week

This week in nursery we have started learning about the space. 

We made rockets using junk modelling, we painted rockets and made them out of big and small construction. We have learnt about planets, the Moon and the Sun, we have been exploring the materials and what happens to them when placed…

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Nursery - World Book Day 2024

Image of Nursery - World Book Day 2024

We had a great day celebrating World Book Day in Nursery. 

The children looked amazing in their costumes. 

We have read lots of stories during the day and it was lovely to see the children sharing the stories with their friends during play time.  

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Nursery - Come and Read Session with Parents

Image of Nursery - Come and Read Session with Parents

Thank you to everyone who joined our 'Come and Read' session.

It was amazing to see how the children enjoyed listening to stories read by their parents/carers. 

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Nursery - Number Day

Image of Nursery - Number Day

In nursery we have celebrated number day by doing lots of number activities, like counting out marbles, making a number using play dough, parking Numicon cars near the right number house, and many more. 

The most popular activity among all the children was number hunt. The children worked in…

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Nursery - Mark Making

Image of Nursery - Mark Making

We have been practising writing our names and drawing our favourite animals from the story ‘Polar bear polar bear what do you hear’.

The children are making amazing progress with their marks, well done to everyone for doing their best! 

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Nursery - A New Year & New Opportunities

Image of Nursery - A New Year & New Opportunities

This week we took part in cooking workshop based on a famous story 'Handa's Surprise'.

The children were able to touch, feel, smell the fruits from the story and then learn new skills of peeling, chopping and cutting .

They loved the entire experience and most of them (not all) enjoyed…

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Design Technology PSHE


Nursery - Colour Exploration

Image of Nursery - Colour Exploration

This week in Nursery we have been exploring shaving foam and observing what was happening with it when we added food colouring.

The children commented: ''it's like soap'', ''It smells like bubble gum''.

We have also made colour experiments using skittles and water. The children were excited…

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Science Art


Nursery - Celebrations

Image of Nursery - Celebrations

This half term is all about celebrations.

Last week we have learnt all about Diwali, Hindu festival of light and Remembrance Day. We had two minutes silence today and we are proud of all the children as they sat quietly for the whole two minutes.

The children learnt two new songs: Diwali…

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Nursery - Halloween Fun

Image of Nursery - Halloween Fun

In nursery this week we have been exploring pumpkins. The children loved looking at them, describing and painting them.

We have been ordering them according to their size and checking which ones are heavy and light.  We opened them up and saw what was inside.

The children learnt pumpkin song…

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