At St Bartholomew’s all children have access to 2 hours of physical activity a week. Each class is allocated a one hour lesson in the new MUGA which has just been built. We are currently using GetSet4PE scheme which has provided staff with lots of new ideas and a variety of different sports for the children learn.

This year we have purchased lots of new equipment to ensure each child has the correct equipment for the lesson. Each class has their own equipment for break and lunch times to promote physical activity. The school has bought into the West Leeds School Sports Partnership. This allows the school to enter organised sports competitions each week, these range from year 1 to year 6. We also receive support from a qualified sports coach from Leeds Rhinos for 3 hours a week. 

Curriculum - Physical Education

Curriculum Useful Links - Physical Education

5 Minute Moves

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Go Noodle

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Curriculum - Physical Education - Tennis

Class 15 enjoyed a tennis taster session with a visitor from Leeds City Council. Children had the opportunity to develop their racket skills and ball control under the watchful eye of the tennis expert! 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Athletics

Class 15 worked on their athletics skills in PE. Children moved around different stations, including discus, shot, hurdles, long distance, sprint, standing triple jump. Mr Needham was very impressed with the skills shown. All children worked on their technique in each area of athletics.  


Curriculum - Physical Education - Handball

The children were excellent in the local competition and showed some great skills.


Curriculum - Physical Education - BMX Biking

The children had a fantastic time on the pump track.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Mountain Biking

The children loved going around the tracks at Middleton Bike park.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Ice Skating

The children loved their experience ice skating.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Basketball (Y6)

Mr Needham enjoyed teaching basketball to classes 16 and 17. Children demonstrated excellent skills involved with basketball and produced some great games of basketball. Well done classes 16 and 17!


Class 7 have been outside practicing our throwing and catching skills in PE. Once we have mastered this we will be using rackets and building in defending skills. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Netball Tournament

Well done to the netball team who came 2nd in a local competition yesterday. They did fantastically well and managed to keep a clean sheet in all of their games.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Basketball

Well done to the basketball team who played extremely well in a local basketball competition.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Rugby Competition Winners

Well done to the year 5/6 rugby team who won a local competition last week. They played extremely well and showed great teamwork.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Year 3 / Year 4 - Football

They did fantastically well progressing out of their group and narrowly missed out on penalties to qualifying to the next round.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Year 5 / Year 6 - Girls Football

The girls worked really well as a team and showed great determination. Well done!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Year 5 / Year 6 - Athletics

The children did extremely well coming in second place overall. There were some outstanding performances and they should all be really proud of themselves.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Cricket in the Classroom

Years 5 and 6 had an amazing day at Headingley Stadium for Cricket in the Classroom. At the start of the day, children took part in a practical session practising cricket skills: batting, bowling and fielding. Children then moved onto a classroom session, which took part in the Emerald stand. The class looked at countries around the world and took part in a cricket quiz before going on a guided tour of the stadium, including visiting the changing rooms. The behaviour of the children was exemplary. Mr Needham, who accompanied the class on the trip, was very impressed!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Bowling

Children had a fantastic time at bowling. Stacey joined the 100 club with a magnificent score of 103.


Curriculum - Physical Education - The Hand Jive

Class 13 have been working on the 'Hand Jive' in PE. Watch their amazing performance!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Benchball

Well done to the year 3/4 benchball team who competed in a match against another local school. Congratulations to the year 5/6 benchball team too who won a competition. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Football World Cup Tournament

Well done to the year 5 and 6 football team who did magnificently in a world cup competition. They also got to meet Luis Sinisterra who currently plays for Leeds United. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Matball

Class 5 have been learning a new game called mat ball with the PE coach Leon. It’s a bit like dodgeball! We have really enjoyed playing it and can’t wait to play it again. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Ice Skating

The children loved their experience on the ice and had improved their skills over the two weeks.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Football

Mr Needham was very impressed when he taught class 14 for PE. The children were working on their goalkeeping skills - how to catch the ball from a high shot or low shot. Children also worked in small groups playing 4 v 4 to develop their spatial awareness, passing and shooting skills. Well done children! 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Indoor Rugby

Class 14 made the most of the wet weather by practicing their rugby skills in the hall. Children recapped over their passing skills, running with the ball and finished with a number of ‘bench rugby ball’ games. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Football Competition

The football team won their first competition, winning 5-0, 7-0 and losing 4-2. They played very well and worked well as a team. Keep it up for future games.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Mini Football Tournament

Class 15 enjoyed putting all their football skills to practice by taking part in a mini football tournament. Mr Needham was very impressed by the skills on show. Well done.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Sports Coaches

Class 15 enjoyed learning new rugby skills today in PE with the sports coaches.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Rugby

Class 16 enjoyed rugby in PE. Children recapped over rugby passing skills and enjoyed playing small sided games.  

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