At St Bartholomew’s all children have access to 2 hours of physical activity a week. Each class is allocated a one hour lesson in the new MUGA which has just been built. We are currently using GetSet4PE scheme which has provided staff with lots of new ideas and a variety of different sports for the children learn.

This year we have purchased lots of new equipment to ensure each child has the correct equipment for the lesson. Each class has their own equipment for break and lunch times to promote physical activity. The school has bought into the West Leeds School Sports Partnership. This allows the school to enter organised sports competitions each week, these range from year 1 to year 6. We also receive support from a qualified sports coach from Leeds Rhinos for 3 hours a week. 

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Curriculum - Physical Education - Girls Football Tournament

Last week the girls’ football team were fantastic in a competition at Bodington. They played some excellent football and scored some amazing goals.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Ice Skating (Class 10)

Today class 10 have been ice skating. At the beginning there were lots of nervous children but they grew in confidence throughout the session. Well done!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Mountain Biking (Class 15)

Class 15 braved the weather today and were fantastic on the bike trails. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Mountain Biking (Class 16)

Last week class 16 had a fun morning out mountain biking. They didn’t let the puddles put them off and they all tried their best.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Ice Skating

Last week class 11 went ice skating. There was some excellent skaters on show and they improved a lot through the session.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Ten Pin Bowling

Today we have been ten pin bowling. The children were fantastic and were very well behaved. The children were awarded medals for their participation. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Dance Machines

In PE this half term we are doing dance with the theme of machines. This week we thought about how machines move when they break down. Children worked together to create 8 counts of actions and then showed through their actions how the machine broke down. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Tennis Skills

We had a great time this morning at our tennis session. This week we worked together in our teams and encouraged each other. We also practiced throwing, catching and hitting the ball up in the air.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Rugby

Class 17 have started working with sports coaches from Leeds Beckett university. We had a fun first session with them introducing the class to rugby. Well done class 17.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Ice Skating Session

Class 11 were great on the ice this week. They listened to the coach and learnt new techniques on the ice. Well done!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Mountain Biking Session

Class 16 were fantastic on the tracks this week embracing the wet weather. They had a great attitude and improved throughout the session.



Curriculum - Physical Education - Dodgeball Tournament

Poland won the end of half term class 8 dodgeball tournament, beating the traditional powerhouses of England and Portugal and narrowly overcoming dark horses Slovakia. More importantly, all the teams demonstrated great teamwork, communication and co-operation. The tournament was played with respect, and good sportsmanship. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Football Tournament

Well done to the year 4 football team who were amazing last night. They played 3 games, drawing 2 and winning 1 and scoring 10 goals in the process. They were very unlucky to miss out on 1st place and came 2nd by 1 point. Keep up the hard work!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Beats & Rhythms

Class 16 enjoyed their first PE lesson of dance this week. They worked together and created a whole class routine working on beats and rhythms.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Inclusion Athletics

Last week, pupils from years 4, 5 and 6 took part in an inclusion athletics event. The pupils had a fantastic attitude and gave it their all in a variety of different events. Well done!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Movement Skills

Today we developed our movement skills by stopping and starting and changing directions quickly in our warm up. We also played a mini tournament. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Chest Passing

Class 3 loved their pe session with the coach, Katie. They learned how to use a chest pass and really enjoyed all of the games.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Mountain Biking

Class 17 were fantastic on the course today and had improved a lot since year 5. Well done!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Ice Skating

Class 12 enjoyed themselves on then Ice today. They listened to the coach and improved a lot during their session. Great work!


Curriculum - Physical Education - Dodgeball Competition

Well done to our year 5/6 dodgeball team who came 2nd in a local competition against 6 other schools.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Dodgeball (Year 4)

Class 11 have enjoyed honing their dodge ball skills to enable them to play some games. They have tried hard to think about their techniques and how best to dodge a ball. It was a good first attempt at some games. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Volleyball

This week in volleyball we have been practicing our throwing skills and did some target practice with moving targets. We played a tournament using all the rules we have learnt so far. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Golf

Some year 5 and 6 pupils had a fantastic opportunity to try golf this week. All the children enjoyed themselves and grew in confidence throughout the afternoon. 



Curriculum - Physical Education - Leeds Rhinos Player Visit

Last week year 4 had a an exciting visit from Leeds Rhino's player Joe Gibbons. Joe talked about what it takes to become a professional rugby player and did a Q and A session with the children. Afterwards Joe visited some of the classrooms and signed autographs.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Tennis

Class 9 enjoyed their first tennis session with Ellie today. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Learning Dodgeball

We continued learning about Dodgeball and played a mini tournament.


Curriculum - Physical Education - Balance

This week have all enjoyed our first PE session. We were focusing on our balance this week. We used beanbags to balance on our heads while we stood on one leg, walk around the hall and go through hoops and over hurdles. 


Curriculum - Physical Education - Dancing

Unfortunately the rain has stopped Class 11 getting outside for P.E, but it hasn’t dampened their enthusiasm for exercise. We have been following a few different dances in the class room instead.


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