At St Bartholomew’s, we hope that our geography sparks pupil’s curiosity to make children develop a hunger to learn more about the world around us.

We teach geography through topics and instil skills into the following categories; mapping, fieldwork, enquiry and investigation, communication and use of computers. Each year group has a specific focus on vocabulary to learn and the geography learning is embedded through many cross curricular links. We use a mixture of skill based work linked to areas of knowledge we want children to grasp as well as some enquiry based learning used through our Collins scheme.  


Please find the curriculum intent for Geography below:

Curriculum - Geography


Curriculum Useful Links - Geography

Royal Geological Society - Royal Geological Society – News and resources and articles

World Atlas - An immersive free online atlas resource which can be used to supplement any learning of topics in class.

World Topics Blog- An online blog regarding maps and up to date world topics.

Travel Guide - A travel guide for many many destinations in the world