At St Bartholomew’s, we hope that our geography sparks pupil’s curiosity to make children develop a hunger to learn more about the world around us.

We teach geography through topics and instil skills into the following categories; mapping, fieldwork, enquiry and investigation, communication and use of computers. Each year group has a specific focus on vocabulary to learn and the geography learning is embedded through many cross curricular links. We use a mixture of skill based work linked to areas of knowledge we want children to grasp as well as some enquiry based learning used through our Collins scheme.  

Curriculum - Geography

Curriculum - Geography - Useful Links

Royal Geological Society - Royal Geological Society – News and resources and articles

Travel Guide - A travel guide for many many destinations in the world

World Atlas - An immersive free online atlas resource which can be used to supplement any learning of topics in class.

World Topics Blog- An online blog regarding maps and up to date world topics.

Curriculum - Geography - Exploring the Local Area

Year 1 have really enjoyed exploring the local area around our school. They visited places of interest such as the library, the church and the leisure centre and were able to understand why these places are important.

Following the walk children will be constructing their own maps of the local area and will use compass directions to help explain where key buildings are. In English children will be using their first hand knowledge of the locality to write about what they saw.


Curriculum - Geography - Leeds Bus Tour

Year 2 went on a little blue bus tour of Leeds this week, just like London tourists go on a Big Red Bus tour of London. We saw, photographed and learnt about Leeds Town Hall, Leeds Arena, Leeds Kirkgate Market, the Recycling Centre and Elland Road. The children loved the trip and got to experience what it was like to be a tourist. Ask them about the landmarks of Leeds or London and see what they can tell you.


Curriculum - Geography - The Great Fire of London

When year 2 had a visitor a few weeks ago, he asked them to redesign London after the devastation of The Great Fire of London. Each child was given a piece to design, ensuring houses were made from stone or brick, not combustibles like wood, that the houses were spread out and the there were plenty of churches and amenities. This is what class 7 created.


Curriculum - Geography - Rainforests

One of our children has completed some extra homework looking at the Strawberry Dart Frog and finding information about it. He has also drawn a Blue and Yellow Macaw, all as part of our rainforest topic. 


Curriculum - Geography - Canada

Years 3 and 4 have been busy researching Canada for our homework this week!

We have worked hard to find out many interesting facts about Canada - Did you know Canada has the longest coastline in the world?

We can't wait to find out about even more countries over the next few weeks.


Curriculum - Geography - France

Years 3 and 4 have had a fantastic time researching France at home for our geography challenge of finding out about as many different countries as possible!

We also related it to our French topic of food and used it to inform our French menus that we are making.


Curriculum - Geography - Field Trip

Years 3 and 4 enjoyed doing some local fieldwork. Through our studies of the local area, we went out and completed sketch drawings of the canal and famous buildings in Armley.