At St Bartholomew's, we recognise and celebrate that we are part of a school which is so diverse and multicultural. As a school community, we have children who are able to speak many different languages - more than 20 in total! These include Chinese, Polish, Slovakian, Punjabi and  many more. 

We encourage children and staff to speak proudly about where they come from and share experiences from their own culture. Every year, we hold our multicultural evening which celebrates the different cultures and languages within our school. We also incorporate languages throughout the curriculum whether that being studying a different country in Geography or learning about celebrations in RE.

We teach French as our modern foreign language. French has been selected as it is the language that most of our children will go on to study in secondary school. We recognise that some of our children may not have experience of other countries and cultures, and we build our MFL curriculum to develop this understanding. Every child participates in lessons about cultural aspects of France as well as learning the French language. Children have the opportunity to learn how Christian celebrations are celebrated in France, which supports the Christian ethos of our school. They also learn about other celebrations specific to France, such as Bastille Day. 

Please find the curriculum intent for French below:

Curriculum Policy - Languages

Curriculum - Languages

Curriculum - Languages - Useful Links

BBC Bitesize

Primary Games Arena

Voyage of Discovery


Curriculum - Languages - Diwali

Mrs Sagoo visited classes in KS1 to talk about how she celebrates Diwali with her family and friends. Children really enjoyed learning about why Diwali is celebrated around the world. They asked questions and found out about special artefacts and objects associated with this celebration.


Curriculum - Languages - French Greetings

We have also enjoyed learning about French greetings and have even made our own play using puppets!