At St Bartholomew’s, our primary aim of teaching languages is to add to the already diverse experience of other cultures in our school whilst supporting children to build everyday conversational skills in French. We are very lucky to have pupils and staff from many different cultures, and we embrace this by building opportunities to celebrate culture across the curriculum.  

At our school, we teach languages to every pupil in every KS2 class, taking into account individual needs. Where appropriate, activities are appropriately tailored to individual children to promote progress, ensuring the languages curriculum is inclusive and forms part of a broad and balanced curriculum. 

We have carefully planned our French curriculum to ensure continuity and progress throughout each year group. Each half term, children cover topics that develop skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. In addition to this, children learn about different festivals and cultures across French-speaking countries and have opportunities to share their own cultural heritage. 

Curriculum Policy - Languages

Curriculum - Languages

Curriculum - Languages - Useful Links

BBC Bitesize

Primary Games Arena

Voyage of Discovery


Curriculum - Languages - Virtual France Trip

Year 3 and year 4 have been on a virtual trip to France this week. After passing through 'security', getting our boarding passes and watching an in-flight safety video, we arrived in Paris! We went on a cruise down the River Seine, stopping at some of the most famous sights Paris has to offer. We were amazed to find out how tall the Eiffel Tower was and learned all about the Louvre, which houses some of the famous art work we've studied in Art. We even stopped to take some selfies along the way.


Curriculum - Languages - Eurovision 2023

Here are our Eurovision 2023 music videos:


Curriculum - Languages - French Food

Class 13 have started a new topic on french food this term. They worked hard to translate french words into English and have drawn some lovely illustrations to compliment their work. 


Curriculum - Languages - Reception 2022 Starter Videos

Here are some videos containing useful information for parents/carers of children starting reception in September 2022.

Pupils have done commentary in English, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian and Urdu.


Curriculum - Languages - French Penpals

Year 5/6 have been writing Christmas cards for their pen pals! They have been working hard to ask questions and answer questions from their French pen pals. 


Curriculum - Languages - French Role Play

Class 9 did some role play in school in their French lesson. Children took their chance to take on the role of teacher and practiced classroom commands such as ‘ecoutez’ and ‘taisez-vous’. 


Curriculum - Languages - Learning about Diwali

Mrs Sagoo visited classes in KS1 to talk about how she celebrates Diwali with her family and friends. Children really enjoyed learning about why Diwali is celebrated around the world. They asked questions and found out about special artefacts and objects associated with this celebration.


Curriculum - Languages - French Nursery Rhyme

Class 10 have enjoyed learning how to sing a familiar nursery rhyme in French. We have used our knowledge of the song to write about our eye and hair colour in French. Some of us have even been able to describe what our friends and siblings look like!


Curriculum - Languages - Penpals

Class 11 have had an extremely exciting day writing letters to French pen pals! Firstly, Miss Matley showed us where the French school was on the map and we were delighted to find out it was close to Disneyland Paris! We spent time learning about their local area and what they would study at school in France. We were very excited to receive a postcard from a child all the way in France and were very impressed with their beautiful illustrations. We spent a while translating their letters from French to English using our dictionaries and keywords from our French books. We then wrote a postcard back to them in English so that we could help them learn more English vocabulary. We can’t wait to hear from them again! 


Curriculum - Languages - Penpal Pictures

It's been an exciting day for class 11 as we have finished our postcards and they are now on their way to France! We are so excited to hear back from our pen pals! 


Curriculum - Languages - French

Years 3 and 4 have had a fantastic time researching France at home for our geography challenge of finding out about as many different countries as possible!

We also related it to our French topic of food and used it to inform our French menus that we are making.


Curriculum - Languages - French Work Examples

Here are some examples of work for French across school.


Curriculum - Languages - French Greetings

We have also enjoyed learning about French greetings and have even made our own play using puppets!

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