10 January 2024

Image of Year 4 (Class 10) - History - The Stone Age

Class 10 have had a great first lesson about the Stone Age. First of all, we went to the timeline on the stairs to find out how long ago the Stone Age was, which other periods of history overlap with it (Egyptians and Greeks), and where it fits into the topics we've already covered.

Then, we speculated about how we know anything at all about the Stone Age when it is prehistoric, which we discovered meant before things were written down. We then discussed what archaeologists do.

After that, we became archaeologists ourselves when we dissected Stone Age 'poo'. We discovered what people ate in the Stone Age, including berries, seeds and raw vegetables. We also discovered that everything they ate was raw and that they didn't cook anything - including meat!

Year 4 (Class 10) - History - The Stone Age

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